Garden Beds and Planters

Adding plants and gardens to a house or apartment can brighten up the space and make your home more inviting. With our garden beds and planters at Williams-Sonoma, you can grow delicious fruits and vegetables for a farm to table meal or fragrant flowers to add outside decor to your home. For small apartments, balconies or tight spaces, vertical gardens increase garden plots without taking up a lot of space. Raised beds are also enjoyed by seasoned gardeners since they can be filled with your choice of soil and compost for the optimal conditions to grow certain preferred plants.

Raised planting beds can also be used to extend the growing season since they are less susceptible to frost compared to in-ground gardens. A raised bed also warms up more quickly in spring, so it’s possible to add plants earlier than in a traditional flat bed. The light soil improves the movement of both water and air, and roots can spread out in search of nutrients more easily since the soil is not compacted. This allows you to plant more densely and results in higher yields. Pairing your raised beds with beehives for pollination results in sweeter fruits and vegetables and higher yields year after year.

Raised garden beds are also ideal for gardens where water drains through the soil too quickly or too slowly. Since you add soil to raised beds, you can create the ideal soil conditions even if your normal gardens are full of clay or sandy soil. The easy access of raised bed gardens makes them ideal for individuals who experience back or knee pain or who simply want better access during harvest time. Raised beds are perfect to use with seeds as you can monitor and nurture growth without expending a lot of energy.

While raised beds are traditionally used for fruits and vegetables, you can also use them for small plants and trees. These beds keep weeds out due to the high density of planting as well as the closed in structure. The walls of most raised beds create at least a partial block to many blowing seeds such as dandelions that generally invade in-ground gardens. For areas with aggressive weeds, add a layer of weed cloth to the bottom of your raised garden to block offending roots out completely. Adding a metal screen below helps keep rodents from your harvest while netting is particularly suited to protecting fruits and vegetables from birds.

When designing your yard around garden beds and planters, you want to have the proper garden tools on hand to get the job done right. For in-ground beds, start by using a weeder to remove clumps and rocks for finely tilled soil. To maintain the proper air flow and drainage, opt for a sieve that removes large rocks or pine needles or an aerator to puncture holes in compacted earth. Keep your tools neatly organized in a basket that you can easily transport as you work around the garden. A garden basket or trug is essential when it comes time to harvest berries, flowers and fruits.

Pair raised beds with pots and planters to take your garden to the next level. Match the wood finish to your raised bed for a cohesive look, or add a touch of rustic shine with hammered copper planters. Hanging planters are great for draping florals such as wisteria while wall planters elegantly display lavender for a vase and bouquet appearance. Planters with hooks add storage for your garden tools in small spaces while extra large planters are a great way to welcome guests to your home when placed in the entryway or on the front porch. Whatever style you choose, we have a combination of planters and garden beds to suit your needs.

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