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A pair of extra-long tongs will
keep you hands away from the
flame as you move or flip foods.
They offer a higher level of
precision than a spatula for
grasping individual pieces on
a crowded grill surface.

A sturdy spatula with a long
handle will help you quickly flip or
scoop up burgers and chicken
breasts. It's also the tool to for
placing burgers on buns,
particularly if they're topped with

Although tongs are ideal for
smaller meat cuts, a
two-pronged fork is preferable
for spearing and moving larger
pieces. After grilling, use the
fork to hold meats and poultry
in place when you're slicing
and carving.

Metal skewers are ideal for
grilling kabobs and also helpful
for stabilizing large pieces of
meat on the grill. Wooden
skewers should be soaked in
water before use. Thread them
through the thick bottoms of
asparagus for easy flipping.

Grill gloves made of heavy
quilted or coated cotton can help
protect your hands from intense heat. In a pinch, you can repurpose your indoor mitts, but it's best to have a pair that is specifically made for grilling.

An instant-read thermometer is the easiest way to know if your food is done cooking. Just insert the probe into the meat near the end of the cooking time, and the internal temperature will register in seconds.

Look for a brush with natural or synthetic bristles securely attached to a long handle, so you can safely coat foods with marinades or sauces during cooking.

A brush with rustproof metal bristles and scraper will ensure that your grill is always ready to use and will extend the life of your grill grates by preventing corrosion.

A pizza peel is essential for getting your pizza onto and off of hot grill grates or a pizza stone. The best choice for use over open flames is a metal peel, but a wooden peel is also fine.

The weight provided by a chef's press can help cook food faster and more evenly. Look for a press with a cut-out or waffle design that allows steam to escape.