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Thanksgiving Meals & Food

Commemorating the harvest season, Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. So what do you look forward to during this festive season, the beautiful autumn decorations or the scrumptious and tempting Thanksgiving meals and food or both? Picture a turkey that is perfectly roasted and surrounded by all the other trimmings, side dishes that are simple yet comforting, Thanksgiving cocktails in your hands and a mug of hot chocolate or cider for the kids. A crackling fire in the background completes this perfect Thanksgiving setting. Since it is the season to give thanks for the bountiful harvest, enjoy it with a table full of delicious and mouthwatering Thanksgiving foods. Here at Williams-Sonoma, we have everything on offer for you to truly enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, from food and decor to cookware and cutlery.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Thanksgiving meals and food? Chances are it’s is roast turkey. Making a perfectly roast turkey requires a lot of hard work, time and practice. When you are planning a Thanksgiving meal, especially if it is your first time, we help make it easier for you. If you would rather focus your attention elsewhere or need any last-minute help, we can provide you with a whole roasted turkey or a stuffed turkey breast.

If you are a seasoned cook and are a professional at roasting turkey, you will be on cloud nine when you see our well-stocked Thanksgiving pantry. We are here to help you save your time and energy when you are cooking a full course meal for your family on this day. Rub our seasoning paste on the turkey skin before barbecuing and roasting the bird, and enjoy a rich flavor that has several complex layers. Choose one of our stuffing pre-mixes and save your time – because on this day every minute counts.

Truth be told, the roast turkey is incomplete without the gravy; it is the gravy that ties together all the elements of this dish. Whether you need a gravy base or turkey stock, we offer you all this and more. If you are planning to serve the turkey with cranberry sauce, we have all the makings on offer, right from jellied cranberries to the cranberry sauce starter. Our Thanksgiving inspired serving platters are perfect for presenting your delicious creation.

Planning to serve pigs in a blanket or a cheese platter as appetizers? Want to make mashed potatoes that are creamy and perfectly seasoned as a side dish? We provide you with high quality ingredients to transform your wish into a reality. With our mulling spice mixes and pumpkin syrup, making mulled wine or cider and pumpkin coffee is a piece of cake. When you are looking for a roasting pan or a casserole pan, our wide range of cookware products will surely help you out.

No meal is complete without desserts and the same is especially true about Thanksgiving meals. Which is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert? Pumpkin pie? Or is it pecan? Sometimes people stick to baking the classics such as chocolate walnut pie or key lime pie. Whichever dessert you prefer, we have the freshly baked goods and the makings of it for you. Nothing beats a home cooked dessert on Thanksgiving, so if you love baking, put on your apron and get ready. Use our bakeware products, and there will not be even a single crumb left on the serving plate. With our pie crust mixes, you can create the perfect crust that is very flaky as well as absolutely delectable with ease.