Stemless Wine Glasses Are The New Barware Classic

The trendiest kitchens and home bars are stocked with stemless wine glasses -- but these high-design glasses are so chic and still utterly functional that they've quickly become a new classic.

If you don't have a set, it's time to get one. If you do, it's time to diversify and get a set made just for your favorite kind of wine. You can't have too many of this kind of classic.

What Are Stemless Wine Glasses?

Stemless wine glasses are wine glasses without the stem. They can be made of glass, crystal or acrylic, just like any other wine glass.

  • The bowl of the wine glass is still the same as it would be with the stemware version. The mouth and lip of the glass are also the same.
  • The base of the glass is slightly different because it's flat-bottomed to rest on surfaces, like tables or shelves. The base doesn't impact the bowl shape, because of how the glass is blown.

Can You Use Them With All Wines?

Stemless glasses are perfect for all wines. You can start with a set of basic white or red glasses to start enjoying the trend right away. Then, continue to get more silhouettes as time goes on.

  • Each wine glass has a stemless version that lets you enjoy your wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed.
  • For instance, Pinot Noir glasses have bigger bowls to let the aroma and flavor of the wine open up. These glasses are gorgeous in stemless form -- and perhaps a little easier to swirl.
  • Similarly, Chardonnay glasses are another interesting kind to try stemless. These glasses are slightly more upright and allow you to enjoy the sweetness of the wine more easily. In stemless form, they have a slightly wider base around the narrow base of the bowl.

Use Them for Parties and Entertaining

When you throw a party, stemless glasses are perfect for entertaining.

  • Create a casual, intimate ambiance by giving guests glasses that they can hold close. Even the slight difference in lack of stemware can create a different feel during a party.
  • Since they're easy to hold compared to the light touch of balancing a stem in hand, spills are much less likely. When you have a crowded party, this can make guests feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Cleaning and care is easy, especially if you choose crystal glasses. Hand-washing is more convenient when it's just the bowl of the glass to wash.

Start using stemless glasses for your next bottle. They're bound to become an instant classic in your home, too.

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