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The Beauty of Having The Right Red Wine Glasses

As you develop your taste for fine wines, expanding your stemware collection becomes a natural next step in your wine lover's journey. Get to know a few of the specialty glasses, so you can enjoy sipping wine in a vessel made just for that varietal.

What Are Red Wine Glasses?

Red wine glasses are a special kind of glass or crystal stemware made for pouring and enjoying red wine.

  • Glasses tend to have a wider bowl than white wine glasses to accommodate the richer body and varied bouquet of the wine.
  • Under the bowl is a stem and a base. This is where you hold the wine glass while drinking.
  • Some wine glasses are stemless. The bowl remains the same as it is when stemmed, but a layer of glass or crystal provides a flat-bottom base.

How Many Types of Red Wine Glasses Do You Need?

The number of wine glasses you need for red wine is dependent on your drinking habits.

If you often have family or friends over for dinner, you may need up to 12 of each kind. To start, glasses tend to come in sets of four, but you can also buy singles.

  • Burgundy glasses have a nice, wide bowl to accommodate the delicate aromas of this wine. The glass gets the wine on the tip of the tongue first.
  • Bordeaux glasses are the tallest red wine glass and have a slightly narrower bowl. Full-bodied wines go in these glasses.
  • Pinot Noir glasses are the widest. This allows lots of swirling or aeration or contact with air, which opens up the aromas and flavors.
  • Cabernet glasses are specially designed to allow aromas to ascend. Pour your wine only as high as the widest part of the bowl in these glasses.

Accessories to Complement Your Red Wine Glasses

Discovering the beauty of the right wine glass becomes even more powerful when you have the proper accessories, too.

  • Decanters help aerate wine by allowing oxygen to flow over the wine in a glass vessel. For red wines, you want to get a wider-bottom decanter with a longer, more defined neck.
  • Aerators are great to have on hand for when you have a last-minute guest or want that glass of wine right after work. They quickly push air through your wine when you don't have time to fully decant.
  • Needles work as a vital part of wine preservation systems, where the cork reseals after being punctured.
  • Don't forget coasters in every room where you might enjoy your wine.

Now only one question remains -- which bottle do you open next?

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