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Red Wine Glasses

White Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated dinner party or just sharing a laugh with friends and colleagues, wine, champagne or liqueurs can add to everyone’s enjoyment. At Williams-Sonoma, we do our best to make those happy moments as memorable as possible with beautiful wine glasses. Impress your guests and delight your senses with our distinctive pieces. For more informal parties – like a backyard barbecue – our bar tools let you prepare delicious margaritas and cocktails as well. Drinking glasses and tumblers are great for everyday drinks of any kind.

To experience the full flavor and aroma of red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, you need glasses specifically created with red wine in mind. The wider opening and extended bulb shape gives the wine’s heavy aromas a chance to accumulate, which provides a much more intense taste. Plus, the gentle curves of our glassware are stunning. Each piece is strong yet refined for long-lasting beauty. Accompany red wine with a selection of our exquisite cheeses.

White wine glasses are narrower and almost always have a stem. That’s because wine stays cooler when it doesn’t come in contact with your hands. And long stems also give the glass a more graceful appearance. There are shapes for every preference, from flower-like contours to sharp lines. So, whether your personality is artistic, traditional or modern, we have just the set for you. All of our wine glasses share the same crystal-clear appearance that lets guests appreciate the wine’s natural tones.

Stemless glasses are popular because they provide a more intimate connection with wine. It’s best to choose stemless with varieties that you’re going to serve at room temperature. The heat from your hands transfers quickly to the wine, which is great for some wines. Not having a stem to worry about also provides a bit more stability. That’s a plus for large parties with lots of guests mingling. Passed hors d’oeuvres on reflective serving trays are always a big hit.

Whatever your favorite kind of spirits – be it brandy, malt whiskey, cognac or a sweet liqueur – their intense flavors go well when served in a specialty glass. They’re usually smaller, with flared edges for sipping and a small bulb to concentrate aromas. If you really want to impress your guests, place a monogram on your drinkware.

Special occasions usually warrant champagne. Our champagne glasses lend themselves to the excitement of the moment with gorgeous vertical lines and a sleek appearance. Narrow flutes keep champagne bubbly for as long as possible. Long stems let you hold your glass without heating up the liquid inside, which is crucial for enjoying champagne. Store the bottle in an ice bucket before and during service so it stays chilled and refreshing.

Wine glasses are all about elegance. But how you achieve it depends on your personal preferences, your home’s decor and even the ambience you’re looking for at the time. To create a chic feel, choose pieces with simple lines and a smooth texture. Contours with lots of curves – besides being functional – lend a romantic and intimate tone to the evening. And if you want something with extra class, look for wine glasses with delicate etching. Pieces with lots of intricate details add touches of vintage flair. Enhance your parties even more with marble dessert stands and displays.

Our wine glasses are carefully designed by professional sommeliers and expert craftsmen to be breathtaking. Some pieces are hand blown for a distinctive appearance. Lead-crystal gives them exceptional clarity and that distinctive ability to sing. They’re perfect for special occasions. For more relaxed moments with friends or when enjoying a glass of wine with a meal, some prefer pieces made of lead-free glass. Both styles feature our characteristic durability and are safe to use in the dishwasher.

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