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Agrarian and garden sale

Adorn your greenhouse with items from our agrarian and garden sale and keep your green thumb busy. Classic copper planters give your personal arboretum a traditional feel with the ribbed exteriors and allow your favorite flowers and plants to take on more decoration, as the metal eventually translates to a greenish patina that complements your space. Larger ones make a nice home in any corner of your home nursery and the smaller ones with carrying handles are convenient to move around when the botanicals inside need to follow the sun. The smaller planters are also ideal to start seedlings of your favorite plants and then move them to larger containers once they grow into adulthood.

No garden shed to store your gardening implements? No problem. A garden tool box from Williams-Sonoma gives you the perfect place to cache your most prized garden tools. And one made of galvanized metal is tough enough to handle you tossing around your shears, hand trowels and other small gardening necessities inside. And at only a few pounds without your utensils, it’s still light enough to easily transport with you from your garden to your garage and back. The sturdy box is also an ideal container to hold mechanic tools, on the occasion a friend calls you in need of roadside assistance.

Express your love of plants and botanicals, even in your modest apartment, with miniature greenhouses that fit on your windowsills, dresser or coffee table. Mini, enclosed plant holders made of mouth-blown glass house succulents or plants that revel in humidity. Place one of these little plant terrariums on your kitchen table, near the window, where it gets plenty of sunlight, or put a beautiful artificial plant inside and place it on your bathroom shelf, giving the space an outdoor feeling. Fill one with sand and seashells from your latest tropical vacation and keep a little bit of the beach with you at all times.

Provide plenty of seating in your garden with a picnic-style table and benches. A unique table with a galvanized zinc top plays the role of durable garden work area or host to outdoor meals and gatherings. With two wooden benches that seat up to eight people, entertain your neighbors with an afternoon of picnicking in the backyard. When the day comes to a close, fold up and store the benches in the garage, making for a tidier garden space, or conveniently transport the foldable benches inside, as the party moves indoors.

Bring the cheese-tasting festivities to your house and let your guests be the cheesemakers with a home cheese kit. Craft your own ricotta for your famous lasagna, mozzarella that brings your paninis to their perfection, Fromage blanc to mix in an herb and spice cheese party spread and a goat cheese to top off your homemade pizza. The kit comes with all the cheesemaking essentials needed, including a cooking thermometer and cheesecloth. However, you need to supply the cheesemaking affair with the milk and some basic tools from your kitchen, and in under an hour’s time, you and your guests are “officially” cheesemakers.

Now that your homebrew has finished going through the final steps of fermenting and you have added the sugar, it is ready for the most exciting part: bottling. Grab a capping kit and put the final touches on your beer magic. Gather all your old beer bottles for reuse and top them off with the caps provided in the kit, and the handy capping tool makes it an effortless chore. If you brewed different flavors of the cool beverage, then use the labels in the home kit to personalize some of your masterpieces. After chilling the bottles, pour your homemade beer into bar glasses and watch as your buddies finally get to taste test the drinks they have been anxiously awaiting for.