Limited Time Offers



Sale and Special Offers

Sale and special offers are one of your best chances to grab our offerings with generous discounts. The selections in the sale and special offers section include items from our product categories, such as cookware, cutlery, electrics, cookʼs tools, bakeware and tabletop and bar. Just like other selections we have at Williams-Sonoma, the items on sale and special offers are global brands that are famous for their quality and performance. Whether you want to replace old kitchen utensils or beef up your existing culinary tools, our sale and special offers section is a good place to look for them, especially if you are looking for good deals and substantial price markdowns.


Your choices are comprehensive when it comes to the cookware items in our sale and special offers section. The cookware selection includes must-have kitchen items, such as fry pans, saucepans and stockpots to specialty cookware items like roasters, cocottes and risotto pans. Available in stainless-steel or cast-iron materials, most of the cookware here is suitable for most cooktops and induction cooking.


The sale and special offers section is also a terrific place to find the best deals on cutlery. The selection of kitchen knives is available individually or in sets. Among our offerings of knives in this section include chefʼs, bread, steak, Santoku and carving knives. Knife sets give you even more cutlery tools like paring knives, cleavers, honing steels and kitchen shears, along with knife blocks that allow you to store your knives conveniently. Also available here are salad and serving boards that double as chopping boards.


Kitchen electrics make even the toughest culinary tasks significantly easier. Some items are kitchen mainstays, such as toasters, toaster ovens and waffle makers, while other items are for cooks who have intermediate cooking skills. The kitchen electrics on our sale and special offers section include stand mixers, immersion blenders and espresso makers.

Limited Time Offers

Apart from items that are on sale, our sale and special offers section also feature limited time deals where you can get huge savings with up to 50 percent or even more in discounts. The Limited Time Offers section lists the items according to their brand names, which can be of great assistance to you if you are shopping by manufacturer.