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Remember—Mother’s Day is May 12th!

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For All the Moms You Love

From your official mom to all the honorary mothers in your life— sister, friend,
great-aunt, mentor—a mom by any other name is just as sweet. Get inspired with great gift ideas to
celebrate the rich community of mothers in your life.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Making mom smile is the main objective of Mother's Day -- or maybe there are other women in your life who deserve honoring on this special day, too. Take the time to think of all your mother or your mom figures have done for you. Then, start rolling out the Mother's Day gift ideas. Can't decide? Get her one of everything on this list!

What Are Some Excellent Mother's Day Gift Ideas?

The best Mother's Day gift ideas are the ones that reflect who your mom is or what she enjoys.

  • Some gifts are great for sharing. By sharing the experience of a meal or a day spent together, you create another memory to enjoy as the years go by.
  • Big gifts show your mother how much she means to you. When you invest in beautiful gifts for her, she knows you recognize the investment you made in her.
  • Smaller gifts carry significance, too. A carefully selected gift she can see every day reminds her of her value to her family. Look for things she can use or admire.

Memorable Gifts for Your Mom

Make the most of Mother's Day by choosing exceptional versions of housewares she loves at Williams Sonoma.

  • Do you have amazing memories of cookies and cakes at home? Get Mom an upscale baking set with trays, specialty pans and cook's tools.
  • Maybe as you've gotten older, you two enjoy fine wines together. Pick out wine gifts, like a new bottle she hasn't tried yet and gift her with a set of glasses or a wine chiller.
  • If her meals were always your favorite, invest in a cast iron Dutch oven or other cookware for her.

You probably have special memories of your home growing up, too. Don't forget to look for gifts like wreaths to adorn her front door, specialty limited-edition appliances like the SMEG X Dolce & Gabbana collection or fantastic rugs and mats. 

Add-On Gifts Create A Big Impact

Don't forget to add on a couple of smaller side gifts. These little gifts make big gifts feel even more special. A set of cheese knives, a hammered mug or a fun spiralizer all let her know you couldn't help but get her more.