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Wall Art & Clocks

When you’re looking for something that adds a decorative touch but is also functional, a wall clock is a great addition to consider. A clock on the wall helps everyone stay on track with appointments. Plus, a clock that complements the rest of your decor enhances a room’s appearance. Consider the clock as a solo piece to adorn a wall if you want it to be a focal point of the decor. Or, pair the clock with paintings, foliage or wall art from us at Williams Sonoma that sends a welcoming message to anyone entering the room.

In the Breakfast Nook

If you have an island or breakfast nook in your home, encourage everyone who scoots up to the counter to enjoy something to eat with cuisine-inspired wall art that delivers a friendly message. If the space is snug, consider adding a mirror or two and choose a clock with a reflective metallic base. The reflective surfaces create the illusion of extra space in a small room. These mirrored decorative pieces look great over kitchen islands and carts. Making the most of wall space by incorporating a shelf or two into your décor. This is another easy trick to use in a small space.

Timely Art for Dining Room Walls

Your dining area offers up a lot of possibilities when decorating and choosing a wall clock. One option is to choose a clock that complements your dinnerware. For example, if you enjoy setting the table with brass or gold chargers and utensils, a wall clock with a brass base creates a themed effect. Other things you may want to pair with your wall clocks and wall art include light fixtures, curtain rod finials or frames on photos and paintings. A third option is to create a contrasting appearance by displaying a dark or boldly colored clock on a white or light-toned wall.

Why a Clock Is So Useful in the Kitchen

If your family runs on a tight schedule, you may enjoy grabbing a bite to eat on the way out the door. A clock on a wall makes it easy for everyone to know how much time they have with a glance. This is handy for organizing a busy family’s schedule. Expecting company? It’s also useful for timing cooking and keeping on top of time while getting the house ready for guests. In addition to adding eye-appeal to a wall, a kitchen clock gently reminds everyone to stay on track in regards to time management.

Entryway Timepieces

The doorway provides another place that’s a natural fit for a wall clock. People tend to naturally look upward and toward doorways when searching for a wall clock, especially if they need to get to an appointment. That makes the space above the door and the wall beside the door a handy place to put a clock. Consider matching the clock to a bench or your coat rack hardware to pull the look of the area together. Display a wall art sign with a welcome message near the clock to create an inviting aura as people come into your home. Or, add a small shelf filled with figurines to add visual interest to your entryway wall space.

A wall clock is more than a timepiece, and it’s more than a decoration. It’s a blending of the two, and that makes it a special addition to one of the walls in your home. Want to display a clock in the bathroom, bedroom or family room? The clean lines and elegant, smooth finishes on these wall-hanging pieces make them suitable for any room in the house.