Wall Art & Clocks

The kitchen is more than just the room in your house where you prepare delicious dinners and sit down for meals. When you think about it, the kitchen is also a bit like your home’s central control hub. It’s one of the last rooms kids and adults leave before starting their days at school or work, which is just one reason why having a clock on the kitchen wall is important. Imagine this scenario: you have just finished washing the dishes, so you look at the clock and see that someone in your family is late for soccer or violin practice. Glancing around a kitchen for the clock to see if you’re running late seems like an automatic gesture, doesn’t it? Wall clocks are just one of those elements that are staples in any kitchen.

You’ve spent a lot of time planning the decor in your kitchen, right down to the color and style of your linens, so when you start thinking about wall art and clocks to hang up, you want to make sure they match your design and taste. Williams-Sonoma has a number of wall clocks to complement a variety of color schemes and stylistic choices, including classic country or chic and contemporary kitchens. If you have a kitchen centered on a cozy and traditional design, then why not check out a delicate yet rustic clock? Crafted in Italy and hand-painted, our delightful earthenware clocks add a little timeless charm to almost any kitchen, not just country-style designs. If you have a palette with shades of white, yellows or navy, these popular clocks look right at home.

Not everyone’s tastes are the same, and that’s why we’ve got wall art and clocks to match almost any style. Some people prefer designs that are bold and punchy. Try an electric clock that has a polished metallic finish that stands out on your wall and complements modern appliances such as blenders and espresso makers. This type of clock’s bold hour and minute hands are reminiscent of a retro design and are easy to read from across the room, if needed.

Clocks are a decoration that can either stand out on a wall, or they can blend in with your decor if you choose. Whichever your preference, there’s no denying that they’re a kitchen essential, just like salt and pepper. But they’re not just a welcome addition to your kitchen’s walls; clocks are also a great gift to give a friend or family member, as it’s the kind of present that your loved one can use almost daily and for years at a time. Check out a bright wall clock with vivid red and green hands that are ideal for both contemporary and colorfully-decorated kitchens to really dazzle your recipient.

Don’t worry if you simply want to know what time it is and aren’t looking for a boldly designed clock, because we’ve got a few options for you too. Look for a modest design that features an elegantly slim black frame and a sleek sans serif font, so you’ve got the option to hang it up and let your countertop decor snag all of the attention. We have plenty of options that are just as versatile as more decorative choices, and they can either blend in or stand out in your kitchen, depending on how you decorate.

Kitchen art isn’t just about keeping time, however. We also have delightful resin figurines that are hand-painted to give your kitchen’s decor a bit of a playful touch without taking away from the overall design. These figures resemble the kind of decorative addition that are staples in today’s French bistros. The figurines include a little chalkboard that you can use to write down notes, grocery lists or important reminders. They’re even a clever way to display the menu for a dinner party with friends.

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