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Kitchen Mats Revolutionize Your Kitchen Experience

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether it's nightly dinners, meal-prep marathons over the weekend or getting ready for a big party at your place, you can end up really feeling the hours you spend chopping, dicing, mixing and more. This is where kitchen mats come into play.

What Are Kitchen Mats?

These mats are basically rectangular mats with cushioning in them. You place them around your kitchen to help soften the feel of harder floor materials. They'll also protect your floors over time.

  • A kitchen mat is usually rectangular, but they can be square or oval, too. Some have beveled edges that slope downward from a more cushioned area.
  • If you get a rectangular or square one, the corners are usually rounded. This is also to accommodate cushioning, but it gives your mat a clean, well-designed look, too.
  • Texture and thickness can vary. Some have thick gel in them for an extra-cushy cooking experience. Others are slimmer, but can still take a lot of foot traffic.

Kitchen Mat Benefits

People enjoy having mats in their kitchen for comfort, convenience, ease and looks.

  • Some specially engineered mats, like WellnessMats®, have therapeutic benefits by promoting better posture, circulation and muscle conditioning.
  • Mats provide a non-slip top and a non-skid bottom, so you can move around the kitchen quickly and safely while multitasking.
  • High-end mats resist stains, heat marks, fading, punctures or cracking. They're easy to clean. You just wipe them down with a cloth or paper towels and a gentle cleanser of your choice.
  • Look for eco-friendly and antimicrobial mats for even more household benefits.

How Many Do You Need?

When deciding on a kitchen mat, it's smart to consider how many you need.

  • Since Williams Sonoma carries several colors, patterns and textures, knowing how many you need before you order helps ensure your kitchen looks polished and styled.
  • Different brands update their patterns frequently. If you like a unique pattern, like a faux croc or a dobby weave, get the number you need now.
  • A solid best practice is to get one mat for your cooking area, whether that's centered in front of the stovetop or placed at your favorite spot to stand when prepping and another one for in front of the sink or where you load dishes into a dishwasher.
  • If you have a large kitchen, get three to cover your spot in front of an island or along a galley counter.

Explore the styles you love to see which mat is best for you. Once you have one, you'll wonder why you waited so long.