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Trap Dirt with Doormats

Want to stop dirt in its tracks? Place a doormat from Williams Sonoma at each entry door for your guests to wipe their feet before entering. Our front door mats boast a textured surface that catches dirt particles from the grooves in shoe soles. To further reduce the amount of dirt getting tracked into your home, place doormats on both sides of the door. You can even pair your doormat with a boot tray to store footwear before entering your home.

All-Weather Doormats

Perfect for entryways, mudrooms, patios and decks, all-weather mats are designed to stand up to the elements and won't fade or mold over time. Made from a mix of synthetic and recycled materials, these durable mats trap dirt and moisture before guests head inside. Slip-resistant backing secures them in place.

Classic Coir Doormats

Consider a traditional coir doormat for your back patio or deck door. Crafted with sustainably harvested natural coir fibers and fade-resistant nontoxic dyes, these mats are biodegradable and compostable. The tough coir bristles, made from coconut husks, trap debris, absorb moisture and resist mildew.

Doormat Styles and Colors

Doormats come in a variety of styles and colors to enhance your home's decor. Offset dark woodwork with a light-colored mat or add a darker-hued doormat to complement bright colors. Neutral colors make a great choice when you want to create a coordinated look at all your entry points. For a more festive look, consider placing one of our holiday-themed coir door mats at your entryway. Wooden mats, wire ones and mats with rubber borders provide additional options for your entryway.


Williams Sonoma offers a collection of personalized doormats with black lettering that you can inscribe with a welcoming message or just your initials. Front door mats in neutral tones are also available without personalization. You can also choose from a variety of patterns and designs. We offer doormats with black borders and no border at all. Or you might want to consider one with a stripe pattern to complement your patio furniture.

Where to Place a Doormat

Doormats are typically found by an entry door, but they work just as well inside as out. They can add a welcoming touch and catch additional dirt and debris when placed by an inner door. These types of mats also bring a homey accent to the living room or family area. If you want to have more than one rug in a room, try pairing a doormat at the kitchen entrance to kitchen floor mats by the sink or counter.

Placing doormats at various entry points enhances your home's style while keeping your floors clean. To keep these mats looking fresh and clean, simply shake them off outside or vacuum. Once you've selected the right doormat, check out our collection of front door accessories to create the perfect entryway look.