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Want to reduce the amount of sweeping and mopping you have to do after people come in from outside? Consider placing a doormat from us at Williams Sonoma at each entry door. When guests wipe their feet before entering, there’s less dirt and debris getting tracked into your home. The reason this works so well lies in the textured surface of doormats. The textured surface catches dirt particles from the grooves in shoe soles. Want to stop even more dirt from getting tracked into your house? Pair your doormat with a boot tray, and put it by the door for anyone who wants to remove footwear before entering your home.

Match Doormat Styles and Colors to Your Decor

Doormats do more than provide a spot for wiping off shoes, though. Doormats come in a variety of styles and colors that make them part of your home’s decor. Mats crafted from light-colored carpet add a splash of color to an entryway that doesn’t get a lot of outdoor foot traffic. Consider matching the doormat to another rug in the room or to the furnishings in the room. Prefer to use contrasting colors in your decor? Offset dark woodwork with a pastel-toned mat just inside the entryway, or add a darker hued doormat in a room that features light or bright colors.

Personalized or Neutral-Toned

A doormat with neutral colors and black lettering creates a feeling of coming home to family members. It also lets you send a welcoming message to guests before they even come inside. Floor mats in neutral tones are also available without personalization. Consider one with stripes to match your lawn furniture or the trim on your doorway. Rubber mats, wooden ones and mats with integrated brushes provide some other options when you’re looking for a doormat that matches any color scheme.

Unexpected Places to Use Doormats in the Home

To use doormats as part of your decor, you may want to put one in an unexpected spot. These flooring items are typically placed by an entry door, but they also provide a welcoming touch when placed by a home’s inner door. Want to put more than one area rug in a room? Consider matching a doormat at the kitchen entrance and matching it to kitchen floor mats in front of your sink and range. This type of mat also adds a charming touch to a family area as an accent for a gas fireplace or even to spread out in front of the TV.

Putting a doormat by any doorway in your home enhances the space’s style while helping keep your floors clean. Whenever the mat starts to look soiled, simply shake it off outside or vacuum it, and it’ll keep your home looking fresh.