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Kitchen Mats & Doormats

Kitchen Mats


Kitchen Mats & Rugs

A sturdy, cushioned kitchen mat can help you find more comfort while you work. Let us at Williams Sonoma give you tips on selecting an easy-maintenance style for your needs. Today’s kitchen mats are light enough to pick up and throw in the washing machine, transport outside for a wash and easy for you to vacuum, sweep or wipe clean. That way, you stay comfortable in your kitchen, and the space stays clean.

Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats

Bake and cook longer when your feet are cradled with specially engineered anti-fatigue mats. These offer a thick layer of cushioning along with shock absorption to withstand the daily wear and tear of kitchen work. Anti-fatigue mats, which are essential in professional commercial kitchens, help chefs cook for hours at a time. The cushioned layer is impervious to punctures, cracks, heat, stains and fading. It also bounces back after it’s imprinted with your footprints. While you’re standing on it, the cushioning material encourages better posture, blood circulation in your legs and muscle conditioning.

Anti-fatigue mats tend to be heavier than other kitchen mats because they’re thicker. Many are designed with non-slip bottoms that are tapered at the edges to sit flat and eliminate tripping hazards. Cleaning anti-fatigue mats is quick. Most require a quick wet mop with gentle dish soap and water. Or, you can simply run a damp rag across the surface. Try to avoid scrubbing the bottom of a standing gel or anti-fatigue mat in order to maintain its grippy surface. Clean it off by wiping down the surface with a cloth or paper towel.

Kitchen Floor Mats

For a modern and sleek look in your kitchen, consider thinner and lightweight solid flat-woven floor mats. Sophisticated mats have bound edges and are made of durable manmade materials that bring softened style to your kitchen. Mats that are thin are easy to pick up and wipe down. Many have tight weaves, meaning you can sweep them clean in a pinch without crumbs becoming stuck between fibers.

Decorative Kitchen Mats

From florals to geometric patterns, you can stand comfortably and stylishly on patterned rubber-backed kitchen mats. Rubber-backed mats are machine-washable for easy maintenance. Use a decorative mat to bring out the finish of your cabinets or offset the color of your appliances. For example, pair white painted kitchen cabinets with a blue and white mat pattern for a crisp, refreshing kitchen look.

Kitchen Doormats

Keep your kitchen floor as clean as possible with a doormat for your back patio or deck door. Place doormats on both sides of the door. For the outside, consider traditional coir or wire brush doormats to grab embedded dirt from the soles of your shoes. Add an elegant monogram or simple design that welcomes friends, family and neighbors. Inside your kitchen door, protect floors with a decorative mat that come in various materials – from weatherproof woven rubber, wood or all-weather slip-resistant polypropylene. All-weather mats are designed to stand up to all elements, including extreme sunlight and rain. They won’t fade or degrade over time.

Go for the largest mat that will fit your kitchen, or, place a pair of mats in strategic parts of the space that you know you stand for long periods of time while prepping food or washing dishes. You’re comfortable with your cooking skills in the kitchen, and our beautiful mats can help your feet and back stay comfortable, too!

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