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On rainy, wet days, it gets a little tedious mopping up foot and paw prints throughout your home. For a fun, decorative solution, stow that mop and outfit your kitchen with dashing mats and rugs from Williams-Sonoma. A large assortment of colors, prints and textures ensures you find pieces that complement your home’s decor. Don’t forget the outside of your home; door mats are essential for keeping messes confined outside and off your floors. Place a door mat at each door so that friends and family always have a place to remove dirt and debris from their shoes.

When you’re tackling the dishes after a tasty meal, it’s inevitable that some of the water makes it onto the floor. Protect your floor from slippery dish soap, dirty water and particles of food with a kitchen mat from WellnessMats. WellnessMats produces therapeutic mats designed to keep feet and legs from feeling fatigue during long periods of standing. Its polyurethane material provides a thick layer of cushioning that offers a high level of shock absorption. This durable mat is resistant to rips, tears and punctures so that it looks amazing, even after a long period of use. Breathe easily knowing that the next time you have a sink of dirty bakeware to wash, this mat can cradle your legs and feet and keep the pep in your step.

The material of the WellnessMats contains antimicrobial properties that make your mat a breeze to clean when it’s time to bring out the cleaning supplies. Both the bottom and top of the mat possess non-skid properties so that you don’t slip while handling your chores. Thanks to the bounce-back property of this mat, it retains its shape and functionality for years. Select from a gorgeous variety of rich, solid hues and fun patterns to find a look that coordinates with your kitchen.

If you want a quick way to switch up the look of your kitchen, kitchen rugs are a simple way to do so. It only takes moments to clean soiled rugs; either take them outside and vigorously shake them or give them a quick cleaning with your vacuum.Stain-resistant material comprises these kitchen rugs. Should a drink or spot of sauce fall on the rug, spot clean the area with damp cloth. Browse through a variety of rug materials, including woven yarn and recycled “plarn” to find the perfect match.

As you decide on a rug, make sure to take into account your existing kitchen linens. Though your rugs don’t have to be an exact match to your dish towels or oven mitts, they should contain complementary hues or patterns. Stripes, zebra print and the trellis pattern are a few eye-catching options. Kitchen rugs come in multiple sizes, making it important to decide what space you want the rug to inhabit before you make your purchase. If you prefer that a wide portion of your kitchen have rugs, mix and match different sizes to get your desired level of coverage. Thanks to the non-stick backing, your rugs stay firmly in place, even in high-traffic areas.

Once your guests arrive at your home, one of the first things they see is your exterior door mat. Let them know they’ve truly arrived by having your door mat personalized with your family’s last name. Different sizes and shapes, including semicircular and rectangular pieces, lend a custom fit to your home’s porch. Natural coir fibers remove every last bit of mud and dirt from your guests’ shoes. The rugged bristles also absorb moisture and prevent mildew. Fade-resistant dyes help the mat withstand harsh weather conditions so that it remains a welcoming greeting for your visitors. Make sure to have door mats at every door. When you’re heading back inside after relaxing on your outdoor lounge furniture, a doormat is a convenient way to keep messes outside.

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