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Faux Fur Throws That Will Keep You Warm All Year Round

Nothing says warmth and luxury like faux fur, especially a sumptuous faux fur throw that you can wrap around yourself while relaxing with a book or watching television. Williams Sonoma carries a selection of faux fur throws in cozy and stylish designs that will add a sophisticated accent to any bedroom or living area. Our weighty throws hug the body in a warm embrace and come in generous sizes for easy sharing. Crafted of supersoft acrylic and polyester, any of these plush throws will make a wonderful addition to your home.

Choose from a Range of Faux Pelt Types

Our faux fur throws are crafted to reflect the variety of pelt colors and designs that can be found in nature. Discover a range of faux pelt styles to complement the colors and materials of the furniture in the room. For example, you can bring out the warm tones in a brown leather recliner with a brown marbled faux fur wolf throw that features an ombre effect. Slight variations in pattern and shading lend each throw a realistically natural look, as does the subtle shimmer you would see in the plush and healthy fur of a majestic wild animal. Our collection includes a variety of wolf, coyote and fox designs. We also carry more unique throws that recreate the look of sable, muskrat and owl fur, among others.

Add Allure with Patterns and Textures

For an extra touch of style, consider a faux fur throw that features unique textures or patterned designs in the fur. Among our most popular patterned options are diamond and chevron designs, where the tufts of fur are separated by thick, geometric bands that create a strong visual impact. Or perhaps you might prefer the chic and simple look of a channeled faux fur throw that complements the contemporary lines of your living room furniture. Our additionally textured throws also feature subtle striping for an inviting shimmer. A patterned or textured design adds a unique visual aspect to the throw that truly makes it stand out.

Soft on the eyes and extra soft to the touch, faux fur throws offer year-round comfort and enduring style. Drape one over the edge of your sofa for family and guests to use when they feel a chill or pair one with your favorite duvet cover to create the perfect layered bed. Find just the right throws for your home in the styles and designs you are looking for at Williams Sonoma.

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