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Cotton & Wool

Home decor comes in many shapes and forms. Each piece is important and works together to create a unified style. So even though large items like sectionals and beds sometimes get most of the attention, it’s the small stuff that makes them look their best. Williams-Sonoma has tons of different options in throws, decorative pillows, home accents, artwork, lighting and more. Here are a few ways to use cozy cotton and wool throws around the house to stay warm and enhance each space.

Add vibrant accents to your home. A bright throw infuses any room with a wide swathe of color. And that creates emotion. For something energetic, play around with tones that stand out. If your living room is dark – like a deep blue or purple – a colorful yellow or red throw catches your eye and adds extra layers of excitement.

In a white room, soft hues make it feel relaxing and positive. Then wrap yourself up in a comfy throw and enjoy a cup of tea and a book. Light gray, taupe, coral and ivory are some possibilities. To give a space lots of sophistication, choose dark colors instead. Navy, crimson, dark green and even orange all lend elegance to a bright room.

There are many different materials used to make throws and blankets, each with specific advantages. Cotton, alpaca and wool are a few. Here’s what you need to know about alpaca. Alpaca is very warm and incredibly soft. Its smooth surface is soothing for youngsters and adults alike. And it’s lightweight too. Alpaca is very versatile.

What about wool? Wool is the quintessential wintertime fabric, offering lots of warmth since it traps warm air against the skin. That makes wool a good choice on especially cold days, or for enjoying a backyard fire in the evening air. Plus, wool is strong and durable. It often features rustic patterns.

Cotton isn’t as warm as the other fabrics mentioned, but what it lacks in raw heat it makes up for in relaxation and style. After all, the weather isn’t always freezing. Sometimes all you want is a light covering. Also, cotton is a popular choice for people with sensitive skin; it’s smooth, lightweight and often hypoallergenic.

When it’s cold outside, it’s good to think practical. Keep several throws in areas that get chilly, or where you want to snuggle. Near a fireplace or draped over your sectional, they’re easy to get to without having to head to a different room. A throw folded at the foot of your bed gives you added warmth on cool mornings, especially when you feel like eating breakfast in your pajamas.

Actually, throws are good to have around all year long. If you have a patio or a balcony, leave some blankets inside a basket – or a console table – close to the door. That way if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise, you still stay nice and toasty.

Throws make any room look warm and welcoming. Just drape them over the arm or back of furniture and let them work their magic. For something chic, choose a throw with stripes or chevrons. Something with long tassels gives your space a sense of tradition and family. What you choose depends on your personality.

One amazing thing about throws that sets them apart from other decor is that they’re totally adjustable. In other words, if you want a little bit of color one day, and tons the next, it’s not a problem. Just fold your blanket to match. Or spread it out completely and hang it in a loose triangle across long furniture like sofas. To cover part of a couch front and back, fold it lengthwise several times so it’s long and narrow. Then drape it so the ends hang off of both edges of the sofa.

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