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Kitchen Islands & Carts

Good kitchen design is all about striking a balance between aesthetics and utility. You want ample space to prepare, cook and plate your dishes, but you also want to feel comfortable in your home. Home kitchens have different needs than restaurant kitchens for this very reason. Williams-Sonoma Home understands the importance of this balance between form and function, and our kitchen islands and serving carts reflect this blend of priorities with beauty and ease.

We offer our islands and carts in a variety of styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that matches with your needs. Whether you’re looking for something strictly utilitarian or you want to introduce a blend of style and substance into your kitchen, this product category has something for you. From small apartment kitchens to sprawling suburban mixed dining and cooking spaces, our kitchen carts and islands bring the work surface and storage areas you need to make your food prep areas organized and functional. Most of these kitchen islands and serving carts are stationary, but some have casters so you can move them in place as needed. When they’re available, these caster wheels all have handy lock controls so you can keep them in place and prevent slippage as you chop, knead or serve.

The variety of options on offer in this category makes it possible for you to either add decor or focus on functional space in your kitchen. Choose a rolling cart with a butcher block wooden top and sleek stainless-steel construction if your kitchen lacks the workspace you need to create culinary masterpieces at home. Choose a stationary island with a beautifully veined marble top if you want to add functional elegance and decorative power to your kitchen. Many of our kitchen islands and serving cart styles are available in different size options, so you can find the best fit without compromising on what you need.

We offer industrial-kitchen-style stainless-steel workbenches for home chefs who want to get serious about food prep and comfortable islands that are spacious enough to accommodate some stools for guests to sit at as you make coffee or throw together a salad for a quick workday dinner. Storage options available on these handy kitchen furniture pieces include wine storage racks, shelving, drawers and towel bars. You’ll be able to pick just the right blend of elements to suit your culinary habits and kitchen storage needs.

You’ll be able to choose from different options that fit the niche needs you have for whatever entertaining and cooking you want to do at home. We offer utility carts that provide caterers and personal chefs with the portability they need to serve banquet-style meals in your outdoor and indoor dining areas. If your entertaining-related food prep and serve needs are more modest and infrequent, you can choose from a number of smaller rolling options, including some folding styles that are easy to store when you don’t need the extra space in the kitchen. This versatile category has everything from central island options to small table islands and carts in all sizes and styles.

Whether you prize marble for its beauty and work surface versatility, or you want a butcher block island top that you can use as a cutting board, you’ll find something to match your preferences among our kitchen islands and serving carts. Balanced design is essential throughout your home, but it’s particularly important in the kitchen. Whether you regularly bake bread and break down meat on your own, or you have more casual culinary aspirations, these kitchen islands and serving carts can fill in the gaps in your existing kitchen and give you all the space you need to stay organized and get to work.