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Kitchen Islands & Carts

Kitchen Islands & Serving Carts

Say goodbye to too-petite kitchen storage and hello to more space for all your important tools. Transform even a tiny kitchen into a workhorse with the right kitchen island or serving cart for your space. These offer enough room to stow your pots, pans and gadgets. As a bonus, kitchen islands and serving carts from us at Williams Sonoma also give you more room to slice and dice ingredients as you prepare your favorite recipes. To help you choose the ideal furnishings to complete your space, consider four important features: size, countertop materials, storage type and additional touches.

Size it Right

Before you start browsing, measure your space. Ideally, you want at least 36 inches of free space on all sides to keep traffic flowing comfortably. You don’t want to be bumping into kitchen stoves, other appliances or other people. In general, large rectangular islands and carts are ideal for large kitchens with plenty of floor space. But smaller, square carts and islands work well in small spaces. And if you choose one on casters, you can store it against the wall and move it to the center of the room as needed if that works best for you.

Choose Your Materials

When it comes to island or cart bases, you’ll typically have two choices: wood or metal. As long as you choose the material you like and a base that’s sturdy enough to support food prep, the base material is purely a style choice. But the countertop is another matter.

Wood is among the most common counter materials found on kitchen islands and carts. The natural color adds warmth to the room, and it works well for both food prep and dining surfaces. When you chop or do other food prep, you do need to use a cutting board to avoid damaging the surface. Otherwise, you can care for a wood countertop just as you would other wood furniture.

Butcher block countertops add warmth and classic appeal to the kitchen. These thick, sturdy tops are ideal for islands carts used primarily for food prep, although using a cutting board will extend the life of the surface. It’s a low-maintenance material overall, but you will need to treat it with mineral oil every few weeks to reseal the surface.

Stainless steel adds a cool, industrial look to the room. It’s one of the most durable options; it’s rust-resistant and you don’t have to worry about putting hot-from-the-stove kitchen sets down on the surface. Even better, it’s also very low maintenance. Just wash it down with soap and water.

When it comes to stone countertops, you’ll typically choose between granite and marble. The cool surface of marble is ideal if you work with pastry. But granite is slightly more heat-resistant and durable.

Storage Options

If you find yourself choosing between open shelving and closed cabinetry, consider this: open shelving reveals all. Without cabinet doors, open shelves are ideal for smaller rooms. These are also among the most convenient storage options because it puts everything within fast, easy reach. Cabinetry gives you more of a classic look, and it allows you to store pots, pans and gadgets out of anyone’s view. If you’re considering using a cart for both a kitchen prep space and a bar cart, look for one that has a caddy to keep your bottles and tools organized.

Bells and Whistles: Look for the Extras

Extra features can help you create the space you love. Some of the common extras include casters, which allow you to move the piece around as needed. Adjustable shelves give you added flexibility for storing oddly shaped or oversized items. A drop leaf lets you save space when you need it, and add additional dining space at will.

When you shop for a kitchen island or cart from us, you have a wide variety of sizes and materials to choose from. Keep your kitchen style and size in mind, and you’ll be able to choose a piece that transforms your kitchen into your dream workspace.