All Dining Room

All Dining Room

Whether it's casual or ornate, your dining room is an expression of who you are as a host. A big, inviting table, comfy chairs and elegant decor serve as basic ingredients for a dining room, but the exact pieces you choose let you tell a specific story about your entertaining priorities. Will you go for sleek modern elegance or rustic-influenced charm? The choice is entirely yours, and Williams-Sonoma Home has everything you need to make it happen. From comfortable benches to gorgeous brass light fixtures, our collection of all dining room furniture provides a wealth of options for you to choose from.

You can start your all dining room furniture perusal process by selecting your table. The table is the centerpiece of the room, where all the action happens. Your dining table is the venue for all the important events in your life, from fun, intimate family gatherings to celebrate a small special occasion to large formal dinner parties for your colleagues. Our selection of dining tables includes both round and rectangular options for anywhere from two to 12 diners. Choose from materials like gleaming nickel-plated metal, tempered glass, Carrara marble and American ash to find the perfect match for your style.

After you’ve selected your table, browse through our seating options to coordinate a beautiful set. Many of our dining tables have matching chair styles that you can bring in for perfect cohesion. You can also choose to mix things up by selecting a different type of chair that may not match perfectly but does bring in a similar sense of style for a coordinated dining set that meets your exact needs. We offer chairs with customizable upholstery so you can match with your existing dining room decor, or you can opt for a wood or woven style that can fit in just about anywhere. From spacious armchairs to compact, stylish dining stools, you’ll find the ideal range of options for your entertaining needs.

The table may be the most important piece of furniture in your dining room, but side furniture can both enhance the ambience of the space and make it more functional. Our bar carts, sideboards and buffets provide the ideal accompaniment to your dining set. Choose coordinating or matching materials to make your dining room flow together just so, or pick out a contrasting style to serve as a subtle statement piece in the room. Whether you want a classic bar cart to capture a sense of midcentury glamour or you’re looking for the right side table to use in setting out a lavish buffet spread, our dining room furniture options are here to help.

We offer gorgeous light fixtures as well, allowing you to put the perfect finishing touch on your elegant dining room setup. From breathtaking crystal chandeliers to simple modern lanterns, our dining room light fixtures provide the right style to match your intended ambience. Get a gleaming brass halo-style light to serve as a crowning accent to your luxe dining room, or pick out a warm raffia-shaded pendant to bring in a sense of warmth and relaxation. You’ll find options that can blend in with your furniture choices or stand out on their own, drawing the eye and providing a sculptural focal point in the room.

Once you’ve found everything you need in our all dining room furniture collection, don’t forget to find decorative accents to tie the room together. From luxe rugs to one-of-a-kind artwork, we have just the right range of options for you to use in putting together an entire dining room from floor to ceiling. You’ll love hosting dinner parties and throwing luncheons in your beautiful new dining space.