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From your dining room sideboard to the shelves in your guest bathroom, decorative objects and accents add something special to a room. Williams-Sonoma Home’s selection of decorative objects and accents includes a wide variety of different objects d’art, allowing you to find the exact look and finish you’re aiming for. We offer a carefully curated selection of bookends, curios, sculptures and coasters in this section, giving you the power to pick and choose exactly the right elements for your home. Create a dramatic boudoir vignette with crystal bookends or add a biological curiosity to your entryway – there’s no limit to what you can do with these items.

Our selection of decorative objects and accents includes small, subtle accents and standout pieces that can bolster or define your decor scheme. Choose a bold, unusual piece such as a perfect crystal sphere to display alone on a plinth, or select small, metallic animal sculptures to occupy some empty space on a mantelpiece. From small additions that pack a big aesthetic punch to large but subtle displays, the items in this product category offer versatility and style for any elegant home. Whether you prefer sleek, modern decor or a more traditional, ornate approach, you’ll find plenty of items to suit your fancy.

Use our decorative objects and accents anywhere you need a little extra decor. Bookcases are one great option for displaying your objects d’art. When arranged in vignettes alongside your personal library, these decorative objects really shine. You may even find some items, including bookends, that are specifically designed to pair with books. If you think of your books as treasures, show them off and elevate them to a deserved high status by pairing them with carefully chosen art objects. Whether you have well-worn paperbacks, pristine art books or matching leather-bound tomes, our decorative objects and accents can help them shine on the shelf.

Our decorative objects and accents look fantastic in bedrooms too. From your nightstand and dresser to built-in shelving and occasional tables, it makes sense to create pleasant views on available surfaces in your bedroom. Pick out some decorative objects and accents that bring you joy and match with your personal style to inject yet another dimension of personality into this most intimate of rooms. You can display them on their own or in a pleasant, personal grouping alongside family photos and vases filled with your favorite fresh-cut flowers. Think about creating asymmetrical groupings, or create balance by getting two of the same object to occupy either side of a long dresser or vanity table.

Decorative objects are the perfect choice to bring a little extra personal touch to a sophisticated home office. If you welcome clients or colleagues into your office, you can make the space feel more polished and professional by adding some beautiful items to your workspace. Even if you tend to work alone when you’re in your office, aesthetically pleasing objects can make the space feel more tranquil and inviting, which is always a plus when it comes to getting down to business.

No matter what room you’re in, it’s nice to have some dimensional decor to feast your eyes on. Our diverse array of decorative objects and accents lets you create eclectic arrangements or decorous displays that match perfectly with your own unique tastes. Whether you love animals or prefer your decor to stay abstract, you’ll find plenty of pleasant, eye-catching items on offer in this section. After you pick out your favorite objects d’art, peruse our other decorative accents and artworks so you can create a cohesive display that brings joy and beauty into your home.

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