Bedding Essentials

Bedding Essentials

Few things are healthier than a good night’s sleep. Plus, sleeping improves memory, concentration, creativity, productivity and happiness. Williams-Sonoma offers soothing bedding designed to give you exactly that. Here are a few tips to turn your bedroom into a beautiful sleep paradise with our bedding essentials. You’ll be floating in z’s in no time.

The first step on your road to dreamland is your pillow. A good pillow provides tons of comfort while also giving you the right amount of support. Treat yourself like royalty with a supersoft sleeping surface. Of course, each person has his or her own pillow preferences. How can you discover which one works for you? Start by deciding on your favorite sleeping position. Do you fall asleep fastest when on your side, on your back or on your stomach? One almost always feels “right” to you.

Depending on your answer, you can choose from light, medium and heavy fill. Everyone is different, but here are a couple of general pointers. If you sleep on your side, a heavy pillow is usually best. That’s because it gives your neck extra support. For stomach sleepers, light pillows offer maximum softness and comfort. People who prefer lying on their back enjoy medium pillows. They offer enough firmness without elevating your head too much. And if you move around a lot an night? Either go with a medium pillow or keep a few different options around. You can never have too many pillows, after all.

Besides offering a range of fill options, our pillows also come in several sizes. They range from standard to king size, with a few decorative choices too. What are the advantages of each size? Standard pillows are your workhorse size. They look great as decor during the day too, when wrapped in our stylish bedding choices. King-size pillows are great if you need support for other areas of your body while sleeping. For example, if your favorite position involves keeping your hands close to your head, the extra space cushions them too. Plus, two king-size pillows side by side look awesome when customizing your bedroom design layout. Don’t forget to add a few color accents to spice things up.

Of course, your head isn’t the only thing that needs to feel comfortable while you sleep. A soft duvet takes care of your whole body by providing an extra layer of cushioning above and beyond your mattress. And the best part? Our duvets also offer customized fill choices. That way you get to decide whether you want a thick layer of support, or lightweight luxury instead. They fit all bed sizes, from full to king – and California king – to accommodate the amount of space you have in your bedroom.

Not sure whether to go with down fill or pick a down alternative? Here are a few things to consider. Down is extravagant, cozy and warm. So when it gets cold outside, that’s something you’ll enjoy. Plus, down pillows and duvets are extremely lightweight, which is a big help when making the bed in the morning, especially if your hands hurt. And some people who grew up with down pillows fall asleep much easier with their favorite material.

On the other hand, a down alternative fill is great for people with allergies. True, our high-quality down pillows are hypoallergenic too, but alternative microfiber takes things even further. The antimicrobial fill is easy to take care of. You can even toss these pillows and duvets into the washing machine whenever you want. And again, take into account your personal preferences. If you usually sleep more soundly with synthetic bedding, then it’s a good idea to continue.

Whatever bedding you choose, remember that functionality isn’t the only thing to consider when creating your dream bedroom. You also need to incorporate a vibe that makes you feel safe and happy. When you’re relaxed, falling asleep is a lot easier. Choose duvet covers, decorative pillows, artwork and furniture that matches your personality. If you’re adventurous, go with energetic colors and exotic motifs. For a soothing, peaceful ambience, light tones – like pastels – and floral motifs are a good idea.

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