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Gift Sets for Every Occasion

Shopping for gifts is a fun and significant way to express your affection or care for your loved ones. When holidays, milestones or achievements pop up, gift sets offer a number of options for you to choose from. Select a set next time you need a gift.

What Are Gift Sets?

Gift sets are packages containing multiple gifts for one recipient.

  • Sets from Williams Sonoma are packaged in gorgeous crates or baskets.
  • You can select from Williams Sonoma collections, too, featured by scents or colors. Check out candles, soaps, diffusers and more.
  • Sets are almost always themed. Pick a flavor for food baskets, a scent for soaps and lotions or a beloved franchise, like Stars Wars or Harry Potter.

Selecting Gift Crates for Special Moments

A gift crate is a unique way to share a gift set with a friend or family member. Crates are boxes that hold all of your set's gift elements.

  • Williams Sonoma gift crates come in a light wood tone and are stamped with a logo to let recipients know there are excellent gifts inside.
  • Crates are packed with raffia straw, a wavy paper filler that keeps gift items tucked neatly for presentation. Raffia has an appealing rustic-craft feel.
  • You can wrap gift crates additionally or present them as they are. They're meant to be revealed upon presentation.

Getting Creative with Baskets

Baskets or hampers provide another exciting way to present gifts. A hamper is a woven basket with a lid, similar to what's taken on a picnic or designed to have the same silhouette as a steamer trunk.

  • Look for hampers or baskets filled with delicious food items. These make great gifts for holidays, birthdays and more. Your friend or family member can enjoy gourmet items during a special spread or over time.
  • Hampers can be reused around the home for lots of other things, like storage or decoration.
  • Since the hampers close with a stylish, thoughtfully made strap with buckle, you can present the hamper closed, so your gift recipient experiences the surprise of opening it.

Mix and Match Your Own Gift Sets

If you're feeling creative, you can create your gift set from items you choose just for your friend. Fill a box with kitchen linens in different colors and patterns or fill a crock with trendy cooks tools all from one beloved brand or all in silicone or stainless steel.

There are endless possibilities when you give a gift set. Enjoy the process of putting one together or picking one out as your next gift.

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