Oils & Vinegars

Whether you use them to dress simple garden salads or create elaborate recipes finished with a touch of acidity for balance, oils & vinegars are an essential component of a well-stocked gourmet kitchen. As basic ingredients, oil and vinegar can suffer from a lack of quality due to shortcuts in the manufacturing and packaging process, leaving you with subpar components for your culinary creations. Williams-Sonoma’s oils & vinegars avoid the pitfalls that can decrease the quality and flavor of these divine liquids, leaving you with expertly crafted, carefully preserved ingredients to use on their own or with a mélange of other elements. We’ve partnered with some of the best oil and vinegar craftsmen from around the world to bring you the best-tasting, highest quality options for both cooking and finishing.

Olive oil is the cooking oil of choice for many home chefs who love its unique flavor and appreciate the heart-healthy fatty acids this oil contains, making it a more nutritious choice than some other types of oil. However, not all olive oil is created equal, and the purer an olive oil is, the less suitable it actually is for cooking. Genuine extra virgin olive oil, which is characterized by its greenish hue, has a stronger olive flavor than other, less pure varieties. It also has a lower smoke point than more completely filtered olive oil varieties, making it better suited for finishing than frying.

Our oils & vinegars include information about use and manufacturing, letting you choose the oil that’s best for the job you need done. Some of our olive oils are suitable for both finishing and cooking, and if you want a versatile variety that is suitable for all kitchen tasks, you may want to look out for this description. Balsamic vinegar also has some key descriptors to be aware of as you shop through our selection. For the most authentic, traditional balsamic vinegar, look for the names of the Italian cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the description of grape varieties such as Lambrusco or Trebbiano used to make the vinegar.

We offer a variety of oils & vinegars in addition to the traditional oil and balsamic, including some oil and spice blends that make quick work of food prep for tasks such as roasting vegetables and meat. Flavoring agents such as Meyer lemon, ancho chile, roasted garlic, black truffle, cherry and fig add extra layers of flavor for you to consider adding to salads, sauces and bread. If you find it difficult to choose, you can bring home multiple different varieties and rotate them to see which ones work best in certain culinary applications.

If you opt for a rich, complex, ultra-pure olive oil, you may be wondering how best to use it to showcase its flavor. There are nearly endless possibilities, starting with a small portion of olive oil poured onto a plate for dipping fresh-baked bread into. You can also use high-quality olive oil to dress a bowl of pasta or add a finishing touch to roasted or grilled vegetables from potatoes to asparagus. You can use the olive oil on its own or pair with a high-quality bottle of authentic balsamic vinegar to create the perfect contrast between the smooth, rich oil and the bright, sharp vinegar.

Many of our oils & vinegar come paired in sets of two bottles, making it easy for you to choose which varieties might pair best together. Give a set of oil and vinegar as a gift to your gourmand friends who seem to have everything, or just stock up on a collection of your own to ensure that every meal, even a simple green salad, tastes amazing.

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