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Frozen Pastries to Delight Your Palette

The rich flavors and textures of frozen pastries is a delightful gift to yourself every morning--or share a pastry delivery with a friend or loved one as a gift, so they can enjoy the flaky perfection of these sticky buns, cinnamon rolls and more. With an incredible variety of shapes from swirls to wands to triangular scones, the only thing more exciting than the dough is the array of fillings. Look for chocolate, cinnamon, raisins, apple, a cheese and chive combo and more.

How Pastry Delivery Works

Delivery of frozen pastries is a quick, easy and convenient way to stock your home freezer with exceptional baked goods. The way it works is simple, so you can feel confident ordering for yourself or anyone else you know feels the same way you do about biscuits, croissants, Danishes, batons and other treats.

  • Your pastries are made by world-class bakers who understand the art of pastry and all the specific methods it entails.
  • Some of their skills include knowing the exact proportions of making each dough, folding, cutting, precisely timing rest or chill periods and baking in a manner that allows the culinary chemistry of each pastry to become its intended final product. They make it seem simple, even when you taste complex layers of flavor and texture.
  • Select the frozen pastries you want to order. Ordering is online, just like the way you'd normally shop Williams Sonoma. Enter your information to send the pastries either to yourself or another address.
  • When your pastries arrive, pop them directly in the oven to enjoy or continue to freeze them until you're ready. They're packaged and presented so that you can rest assured they'll maintain their integrity.

Your Favorite Breakfast Pastries

One of the most compelling reasons to order frozen pastries is that it lets you enjoy the most delectable pastries with almost no effort on your part.

  • Enjoy a morning bun or scones with your coffee and other breakfast foods before work every day.
  • Host a brunch and have your pastry platter ready to go in a matter of minutes. All you need is a beautiful platter.
  • Find new flavors to try when you select an assortment or go for something unique you may not be able to find in your local bakeries, like a breakfast pretzel.

Indulging in Pastry Any Time

Frozen pastries can be part of any meal or snack. Place one on a small plate with your coffee or tea in the afternoon. Have one as dessert after dinner or bring them out when a friend visits. These incredible pastries are perfect just about any time.

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