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One of the most enjoyable pastimes when it comes to cooking a fall harvest or Thanksgiving meal is making the desserts. From measuring the flour to smelling the wonderful aroma of bread and desserts baking in the oven, making holiday desserts and bread is fun not only for the baker but for all of the guests consuming the wonderful food. When it comes to bread baking, however, there’s no rule that ever says you have to make everything from scratch, and no one needs to know from where you got your recipe. Look to Williams-Sonoma for a wide variety of quick bread mixes that make preparing for Thanksgiving or other gatherings a bit easier when it comes to desserts and bread.

Pumpkin bread is a popular favorite come Thanksgiving time. However, baking it from scratch is a little time-consuming. Look for prepared quick bread mixes that offer you not only the best pumpkin bread mix but also pumpkin bread with a twist. Opt for bread with caramel, pecan and chocolate to ensure that your pumpkin bread is spectacular. You are also able to go the extra mile and opt for a complete pumpkin quick bread and pumpkin butter set, so you not only make a wonderful bread in your oven but add a homemade-tasting pumpkin butter on top to make an excellent dessert for brunch, Thanksgiving dinner or even breakfast.

Those people who have special dietary needs should know that many of the quick bread mixes come in gluten-free types as well as regular types. Look for special mixes, such as gluten-free chocolate-chocolate chip, pumpkin chocolate chunk and pumpkin caramel. Many of the pumpkin batters also come in gluten-free types, ensuring that you and your guests are not at risk, even during the holiday season.

Not everything has to be pumpkin for the holidays, so choose from a number of different mixes that taste absolutely wonderful but have no pumpkin spice at all. Apple cinnamon quick bread is a wonderful treat for any fall dinner or get-together, and key lime quick bread is enjoyable no matter what season it is. Gluten-free versions are also available for apple, lemon, lime and other flavors. Soda bread mix is another great choice, especially for the Irish-based holiday gathering, and it comes complete with Irish stout braising sauce, so you are able to make an excellent dinner. For quick bread mixes that are just a little bit different, opt for either pizza mix or beer bread mix for a neat twist.

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