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One of England's oldest retailers, Fortnum & Mason
was founded in London's Piccadilly in 1707
by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, who originally
sold exotic imported teas and eventually became the
exclusive supplier of tea to the royal family. Today its
flagship store is a top food destination famous for its
exquisite custom-blended teas and array of delicious
accompaniments, prized by customers around the
world. We're proud to be the exclusive U.S. retailer
for a selection of Fortnum & Mason's finest.

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Fortnum & Mason

Established in 1707, Fortnum & Mason has been providing Europe and the rest of the world exotic imported teas and accompaniments for more than three centuries. At Williams-Sonoma, we are proud to be the exclusive retailer for Fortnum & Masonʼs teas, biscuits, marmalades, preserves and gift sets in the United States. Look through the selection of items we carry as the exclusive U.S. distributor of these fine products, and start enjoying an English breakfast or high tea of your own.

When it comes to Fortnum & Mason, everything begins with the tea. We carry all of the most popular types of tea you can brew at home, such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Queen Anne tea. We also carry several blends that are ideal for sipping with your morning bagel or croissant or in the afternoon with finger sandwiches. If youʼre unsure what type of tea to get, try several to see which one you like the best. To make it easier, we offer Fortnum & Mason tea sets, available in both loose and tea bag form so that you can try several at the same time.

What they refer to as biscuits in Europe are more commonly thought of as cookies in the U.S., and Fortnum & Mason has many different flavors to tempt your palate. In addition to tried-and-true flavors like chocolate and shortbread, other cookie flavors you can try include lemon and ginger or even an assortment that also features macadamia nut, date and pecan. Each of these biscuit offerings come in a decorative metal tin that youʼll be proud to display on your dining room table or coffee table when guests come around. Alternatively, you can also ensure that these delightful pastries stay fresh by keeping them in a decorative cookie jar, such as glass that shows off the goodies available inside clearly or decorative ceramic crocks that can sit on a kitchen counter or fireplace mantel and serve as decor as well.

If cookies arenʼt something you want to have with your tea, you can try one of Fortnum & Masonʼs preserves or marmalades instead. Ideal for toast, croissants and even bagels, you have many flavor options, including apricot, blueberry and raspberry. If you are unsure what flavor to try, opt for a preserve trio that gives you three delicious flavors to try at once rather than one. Of course, youʼll want to make sure that your toaster or toaster oven is in peak operating condition so you can enjoy these delicious spreads to the fullest. If not, we have many different options for you to consider, including two- and four-slice models of toasters that have elongated slots for wide bread slices like pumpernickel and rye or wide slots that can accommodate bagels, homemade bread and Texas toast slices easily. Go with a simple stainless-steel design or something colorful and modern that will stand out among your kitchen counter electrics.

Not everyone likes to drink tea, which is something that we have taken into consideration. We also offer several different flavors of coffee for you and your friends and family to enjoy, including some from Fortnum & Mason. Some of the coffee flavors available include medium roasts and more robust coffee blends. Other coffees from which you can choose include flavors like vanilla almond and chocolate truffle and styles like French press, espresso and even decaffeinated. Of course, to enjoy coffee to its fullest, you need to have a quality coffee maker, such as the ones we offer. You can choose electric coffee makers that make 12 or more cups at a time and are programmable so you can set the timer before going to bed and wake up to fresh-brewed coffee. If youʼre more of a coffee traditionalist, look through our selection of French press and drip pot coffee makers.

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