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Top-Rated Electrics

Top-rated kitchen electrics such as food processors and griddles put power and convenience at a cook’s fingertips. Appliances not only streamline the process of food preparation, they add style and innovation to counter spaces. An experienced cook can expand an already impressive repertoire with the help of countertop appliances. A novice in the kitchen may develop new skills to prepare a variety of different dishes, thanks to the assistance of kitchen electrics. Set up a kitchen with the equipment and appliances that will make cooking a breeze. Williams-Sonoma offers a wide variety of kitchen appliances from standard items to specialty items that will thrill virtually any cook.

Professional blenders take food prep to a whole new level. Whether you’re making smoothies, blending salad dressings or making healthy soup, a blender helps you create pureed concoctions that are creamy and delicious. These blenders can handle both hot and cold ingredients without a problem. Exceptional engineering ensures a long-lasting machine that will complete each of the recipes you make. Blenders are also ideal for tough jobs such as making homemade nut butters.

Waffles can be a simple matter when you own a waffle maker. Light and fluffy Belgian waffles will amaze your family, and you can whip them up at a moment’s notice when you have a waffle maker in the kitchen. These machines have advanced heating technology to make sure that the waffles brown perfectly, never burning. A special overflow trough catches overflow batter to prevent messes. Cooks have their choice of two-square and four-square models to prepare their desired waffle style.

Anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee will need to have equipment on hand to brew like a pro. Coffee has changed exponentially in recent years, with an array of technological advances that make it a discerning beverage. From pour-over models to cold brew designs, a coffee connoisseur has plenty of options when creating a coffee-making station. Espresso makers will turn virtually anyone into an accomplished barista. Don’t forget accessories such as a hand-held milk frother and a grinder.

A countertop mixer offers almost limitless options for cooking and baking assistance, from mixing batters and kneading bread to whipping cream or eggs into a rich and frothy consistency. After investing in a mixer, you can then begin adding attachments that make it even more versatile. A food grinder makes short work of lean cuts of beef to make homemade ground beef. You can make meatloaf or homemade sausage with little effort. Attach a pasta roller mixer attachment to make your own homemade flat sheets of pasta for ravioli or lasagna. A pasta press effortlessly produces lengthy spaghetti noodles.

Enhance health with a juicer on the counter. Multi-speed juicers process both fruits and vegetables to make nutritious juices. Special blades and a heavy-duty motor ensure that the appliance is strong enough to handle heavy loads without issue, while it also processes leafy greens with ease. Set the speed to match the fruits or vegetables. A juicer could also process a harvest of apples to make fresh cider in the fall. The leftover pulp from the juicer is also a nutritious addition to many recipes.

Serve the family frozen concoctions you can feel good about with a homemade ice cream maker. Many units come with an extra cylinder to ensure that you always have a frozen cylinder on hand and ready to go. With two cylinders you can also make two batches consecutively to serve a big crowd. Countertop designs are electric powered, minimizing the effort needed to make smooth and creamy frozen ice cream or yogurt. Newer technology enables you to make a full batch of ice cream in only minutes, and the large bowl of the ice cream maker processes as much as 1.5 quarts of ice cream in each batch.

Whether a specialized kitchen appliance is used every day or less frequently, investing in top-rated kitchen electrics will ensure that every recipe is a delicious success.

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