Entryway Style Tips

Make a gorgeous first impression in your entryway or foyer with these chic decorating ideas and stylish accents.

Entryway Style Tips

There’s no better way to have your guests saying, “You had me at hello,” than with a seriously stylish entryway that sets the tone for the rest of your home. So how do you make your foyer stand out from the pack? Read on to get inspired by our top entryway decorating tips and tricks.

Key Considerations for Outdoor Decorating

Entryway Decorating Tips

A must-have for every entryway is a mirror on the wall. However big or small, hanging a mirror is a great way to get one last look before you head out the door. You can’t go wrong with a simple round or rectangular mirror, but you can also make an extra-special statement with a decorative mirror, such as Venetian-style mirror or a mirror with a carved wood frame or one with other unique detailing.

Another entryway essential is a rug or runner! Rugs serve a dual purpose in the entryway, helping to add aesthetic beauty while also catching some of the dirt and debris of the outdoors before it makes its way into the rest of the home. We love a patterned runner in the entryway—It adds immediate visual interest that gets the eye moving. If you’re in renovation mode, be sure to install the same flooring in your foyer as in adjoining rooms: This will make your foyer seem bigger than it actually is.

Ambient and accent lighting are also good choices in the entryway, as they help to create a sense of ease. Task lighting is not really needed in this space, but lighting used to highlight a dramatic painting, sculpture, or architectural detail can also energize your guest’s impression of your home.

A console table is also a must-have for the entryway stylistically, as it can house a decorative display that sets the design tone for the rest of the home. Assemble your favorite decorative objects on your console table, or even an entryway shelf, to create a stylish ambience. Be sure to keep accessories simple and cohesive, however, so that the room does not look over cluttered. If there are no drawers for storage, consider a tray to keep keys, phones, mail, etc.

During the holidays, your entryway is a great place to display seasonal decor, such as a wreath or boxwood. And last but least, year-round, don’t forget a welcome mat!