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Global Forged Knives Bring Weight to Your Cuisine

Prepare to be astonished by the beauty and substance of Global Forged knives. The clean steel of these blades is a beautiful testament to their superlative craftsmanship. This collection draws upon the solid principles of the Global Classic line but elevates the feel with a heavier weight and rigid construction. It's these differences that raise these knives to a level of quality you may not yet have in your kitchen. Even if you're a long time aficionado of high-end cutlery, adding these to your stock allows you to create rapturous cuisine for yourself and those you love.

Substantial Knives for Serious Home Chefs

Global has long been recognized as a leader in cutlery. The Japanese knife maker is known for its seamless designs that merge blade and handle in one work of art.

  • Knives are fully drop forged from Cromova 18 stainless steel. Drop forging is a process of forcing the metal through a die with a drop hammer.
  • This process results in the glass-like surface of the blade. It's also why these knives are thicker and more rigid than the stamped blades you see throughout most of the rest of Global's offering.
  • This rigidity is made for experienced cooks who know their way around a knife. Flexible knives can handle a lot of friction. These knives can, too, but the balance of their quality comes from offering more power in the cut.
  • Work with your knife carefully and intentionally to refine your skills. It's well within the average cook's reach to become dextrous with these heavier knives.

Japanese Integrity in Every Knife

Japan is known for its precision knife making and the Classic Forged collection shows why. Individual knives showcase the elegance of this craft with unique details.

  • Look for styles with a collar bolster like the 7-inch butcher knife. This thoughtful touch protects fingers from slips or cuts while offering you support for your grip when sawing through bone or dense muscle.
  • Admire the precision of the boning knife. This piece maintains the thick handle of the rest of the collection, even when the blade is so slim. This knife stays balanced and allows graceful cuts where you need them.
  • The longer chef's knife features a blade that is far longer than the handle. This 11-inch blade contributes to a highly specialized type of cutlery. Learn to wield this knife with just a few uses and there won't be much you can't do in the kitchen.
  • Discover a new way to practice the art of carving with these knives. While a traditional carver isn't part of the line, you can adjust your grip to enjoy the versatility of these tools.

Enjoy this singular collection as you expand your culinary tools and skills to become an impressive cook in your own right.

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