Control Your Clutter with a Drawer Knife Block

While having in-drawer knife storage in the kitchen is certainly convenient, these drawers can also quickly become a spot for clutter to collect. Prevent cutlery disorganization before it happens with a handy drawer knife block from Williams Sonoma. These drawer organizers are specially designed to keep all your knives tidy and accessible. With the help of a drawer knife block and a few other cutlery drawer organizers, you'll always have quick access to all the tools you need to create delicious home-cooked meals.

Knife Drawer Organizer Options

Each drawer organizer is built to fit lengthwise into standard pull-out drawers, keeping your kitchen countertops free for other tools like small appliances, carving boards and even decorative objects. Since some of these in-drawer knife storage options are quite narrow, you can fit two or more side by side or place one next to a larger cutlery tray made for storing forks, spoons and serving utensils.

There are two main types of in drawer knife holders to choose from: drawer knife racks and drawer knife trays. Drawer knife racks are long wooden blocks with seven to 15 pre-cut slots for storing various knife options. These racks are designed to hold your blades face-down to protect them from any damage.

  • Because of its clever contoured shape, it's safe and simple to remove knives from these racks. The sharp blade tucks into the slot for storage, but the handle is always accessible.
  • The smaller slots are ideal for short knives like paring knives while the larger slots can fit knives like blades up to ten inches long, like bread knives or sharp knives for carving roasts and poultry.
  • Though they'll be hidden in your drawers, you can still choose from gorgeous color options like dark walnut and warm maple.
  • Affordable knife racks are available from the classic Williams Sonoma line of products as well as from other popular cutlery brands like Wusthof and Shun.

Drawer knife trays also feature an outer layer of wood, but the inner dividers are made of food-safe cork and rubber. These trays are therefore much more flexible than wooden blocks with fixed slots.

  • Knives large and small can be placed into any of the tray's flexible dividers, giving you the freedom to change the storage order of your cutlery at any time.
  • They can also hold knives up to 14" in length as opposed to just ten-inch blades.
  • The soft cork and rubber composite is gentle on knife blades and won't leave marks or scratches.
  • Knife trays are available in a smaller size for four to six knives or a wider version for eight to ten knives.

Increase your kitchen organization with an innovative drawer knife block from Williams Sonoma. These handy tools keep your drawers tidy and organized and your countertops clear for other storage. With the right knife drawer organizer in your home, you can rest assured knowing your blades will always be safely stored and easy to access.

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