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Grab A Knife Guard with Every Knife

Make sure your kitchen knives stay both sharp and safe with a knife guard. These handy kitchen accessories protect your blade and your fingertips so that you can enjoy prepping and cooking multiple meals a day. If you're like most people, you took your time to make sure your knife selections were the right ones for your cooking style. Complete the care you show when knife shopping by picking up a knife blade guard to go with every blade.

What Is A Knife Guard?

A knife guard is a protective cover that goes over the blade of your knife. Similar to knife blocks, the guards keep your knives from getting dinged and your fingers or hands from razor-thin slices along the skin.

  • The guards are fitted to each blade. The unique fit allows for snug enclosure and minimal space required when storing. Many guards are rubberized inside, so your knife won't slip around inside the guard.
  • Shop for a blade guard that is the same blade shape as each knife you own. You can trim some guards with kitchen scissors to make sure they fit the length of the blade, but look for guards that are as close to your knife's actual size as possible.
  • Your knife guards are usually for knives you store in a drawer. If you prefer to store your knife collection on a magnetic bar for easy grasping, you can choose a magnetic guard.

Pair Your Guard with Your Knife

Choosing the right knife guard for each knife is simple. If you have concerns about sizing, it's best to size up. The rubberized interior of most guards helps keep the pairing comfortable.

  • A large serrated bread knife is best with a knife guard that is either round enough to accommodate the entirety of the blade tip or an angled shape for bread knives that have a prominent sheep's foot blade.
  • Find smaller guards in the perfect sizes for your paring knives. These may come in exactly the right length for your blade since it's a popular knife style.
  • Everyday knives, like a chef's knife, require a bigger guard. You can usually use the same style blade guard for chef's knives, plus utility and Eastern styles.

A Knife Sleeve Protects Your Knives

Use your knife sleeve to protect your blades between sharpening. While most home chefs sharpen regularly and use a honing rod in between sharpening, the reliance on a sleeve can keep the blade sharper longer.

Regular maintenance is still a must. These guards just become part of that care.

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