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You’ve invested a lot into a quality knife set for your kitchen, and you want to make sure that you protect that investment. You probably take care in washing your knives and maintaining them, but what about storing them? Fortunately, we at Williams Sonoma have a number of simple and attractive storage options for your knife set. No matter if you want your knives on display or tucked away, there’s a convenient storage solution for your needs.

Keep Knives Accessible on the Counter

Perhaps the most traditional way to store knives is in a knife block. These sit directly on the counter so that you can quickly grab the knife you need when prepping food. Knife blocks are commonly made from wood, such as bamboo or cherry, and have different finishes so they match the decor of your kitchen. While some blocks are unfinished, quality blocks are designed to repel water, resist dust and prevent bacteria from growing.

Slots in knife blocks have various sizes to accommodate different types of knives, such as fillet knives and meat cleavers. This helps keep the knives organized and secures them in place. Additionally, knife blocks themselves come in different sizes, so if you only have a few knives that you use on a regular basis, you can choose a smaller block. If you have dozens of knives that you want to display on your counter, keep them in order with a larger block.

Save Space with Magnetic Wall Strips

Magnetic wall strips are among the best methods for storing your kitchen knives. These secure your knives to the wall using a magnet and have minimal contact with your knife’s blade. This means that there is minimal wear and tear on the blade, keeping your knife sharper and reducing how often you have to pull out the honing steels to sharpen the blade. Magnetic wall strips are ideal for kitchens that are short on storage space and counter space. If you’re worried about the attractiveness of a magnetic strip on your wall, don’t be. Just like the other storage methods they come in several styles and finishes, including wood and stainless steel, to blend in or stand out as much as you want.

Keep Knives Out of Reach of Children

Selecting proper knife storage is crucial if there are children in the house. Curious children can easily climb up on countertops to reach a knife block or a magnetic wall strip. Storing knives in a drawer keeps them out of sight. Knife covers slide over individual blades to reduce injuries when reaching into a drawer. Additionally, these keep the blades protected so that you don’t need to sharpen them as often. Drawer blocks keep the knives organized and also cover blades to prevent injuries. These are also ideal if you don’t want to keep your knives out on display at all times. It reduces the cluttered look in a kitchen.

Take Knives with You on the Go

Portable knife bags let you store and travel with knives like professional chefs do. These soft pouches have slots to organize your knives and keep them protected. They zip closed to keep everything in place. Others lay flat and roll up into a small size for convenience. This type of knife storage is also a safe way to transport your knives from the kitchen to your backyard barbecue.

When it comes to storing your knives, safety is paramount, especially if you have children in the home. By keeping the blades covered, you not only protect the blade, but also prevent accidents. Whether you opt to display your knives in a knife block, save space with a magnetic strip or store them in a drawer with a drawer block, there’s an attractive and convenient storage method that will work for your kitchen.

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