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Registry Favorites

Give the bride and groom exactly what they want for the kitchen with registry favorites in cutlery. These knives and kitchen tools from Williams-Sonoma are perfect for getting a kitchen started in a brand new home or a condo. Find complete knife sets to set up the new couple with all of the cutlery needs, or gift a glamorous chef’s knife for them to use for all kitchen tasks. You can even find registry favorites in cutlery, such as storage blocks and cutting boards, that help the couple use their brand new tools to their fullest capabilities.

For the truly modern couple, a stainless-steel knife set with a chrome storage case fits in with a kitchen full of high-tech breakfast electrics. Find a set that contains just the basics, such as a chef’s knife, paring knife and a bread knife, or go with a 15- or 20-piece set that includes a knife for every job imaginable. For a couple who enjoys tradition more than modern amenities, a knife set with a wooden storage block goes well in a kitchen with copper cookware sets hanging from the ceiling and a walnut table with checkered place mats.

When it comes to picking out the correct individual knives for a couple, there are a couple of important choices. A chef’s knife or a utility knife do almost any job in the kitchen well, although they cannot tackle specialty projects with the greatest of ease. To slice a loaf of fresh bread, make sure to give the couple a good bread knife. These specialty tools feature wide serrations on the blade that gently saw through a loaf of bread so that it does not become all smashed. To go along with that bread knife, a good tomato knife cuts clean slices into the fruit, leaving the uncut portion intact, and the forks at the end of it allow for picking up and placing between slices of bread.

If you decide to gift a couple a cast-iron skillet for searing steaks, make sure to also give them a good set of steak knives to go along with it. Handcrafted steak knives add an aura of luster to any steak dinner, with their wooden handles and storage cases. These knives are sharp enough to get through thick cuts of meat, but safe enough to leave out on the table while guests arrive for dinner.

For the couple who prefers to carve the meat themselves while entertaining guests, a good carving set is the ideal gift. These sets come with a sharp, long carving knife that helps create thin, juicy slices when cutting roast beef against the grain. The fork included in these sets lets the carver get a good hold of the cooked meat, and then take it out to serve to his guests.

For versatile cutting options for quick meals, a set of paring knives is one of our registry favorites in cutlery. Find a set that includes one knife with a straight blade for slicing through crisp vegetables, such as carrots and celery, and another blade with a scalloped edge that softly goes through breads and soft cheeses. A set of knives like these allows for easy cleanup when you do not have to take out several different tools for the jobs at hand.

Along with registry favorites in cutlery come important accessories, including cutting boards and sharpeners. An antibacterial cutting board cleans up easily and resists bacteria such as salmonella while handling chicken or fowl. An electric knife sharpener takes most of the labor and all of the guesswork out of performing routine maintenance on kitchen cutlery.