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Registry Favorites

Cookware gifts are an excellent choice for weddings and other major life events. If you aren’t yet sure exactly what you want to pick for your registry, this page showcases the most popular selections for Williams-Sonoma registries. By looking through this section, you may get some great ideas for what to include on your registry, and you may even find that popular choices work perfectly for your needs. When it comes to cookware, after all, favorite status is more about substance than anything else, and you can feel confident that what’s worked for so many others will work for you as well. Whether you’ll be starting from scratch after your wedding or you and your intended already have a well-stocked kitchen, we can help you find just the right mix of items for your list.

Cookware sets are a particularly popular choice for wedding registries. No matter what kind of kitchen setup you have right now, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask for a new set of pots and pans as a wedding gift. From replacing a past-its-prime old set to opting for a brand-quality upgrade or an entirely different kind of cookware, sets are useful and practical. These handy sets provide a simple way for generous well-wishers to give you and your beloved a large gift that hits the right balance between genuine utility and traditional focus on building a home together.

If you’re satisfied with most of your existing cookware, you can focus on some of the specialty items in our cookware section. Some of these show up on our registry favorites, including specially designed pans for making omelets or paella or high-end bakeware. Your wedding registry gives you the perfect opportunity to ask for special kitchen tools like these, things that you may never get around to buying yourself but you’ve always wanted to try.

Because gift-giving is often about indulging a want rather than a need, feel free to add some highly coveted brand names such as Le Creuset to your list. Listing individual items rather than sets for these products may give guests who need to give a smaller gift the opportunity to make a grand gesture. And remember, simply asking for something on your registry doesn’t mean you’re making a demand. This is a wish list that allows you to give your loved ones and other guests ideas and inspiration, so don’t hesitate to indulge your deepest desires when you pick items for your list.

Don’t forget, though, that adding some basic staples to your registry is a good idea as well. If you don’t have kitchen basics like a cast-iron frying pan or a nonstick skillet, add that to your list as well. These cookware items are so often the go-to pan in a kitchen. Fill in any gaps you have in your kitchen by asking for simple staple items such as a high-quality roasting pan or a lidded stainless-steel pan. Talk to your partner about what he or she wants, too, and make sure to add that to the list. In fact, it’s best for the two of you to work on your registry together so you can be sure to assemble the cookware collection that’s best suited to both of your needs.

If you find this list of registry favorites in cookware to be helpful, remember to check out the registry favorites pages in other product categories on our site as well. From tabletop to cook’s tools, we offer registry favorites pages for most of the main product categories on our site, allowing you to get maximum inspiration and compile the best registry list you can.

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