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Make Your Life More Fun with Corkcicle

If wine is about taste and tradition and sharing with good friends, Corkcicle is about all those things on the go. The modern lifestyle is a busy one, but bringing a bottle of wine along -- when appropriate, of course -- makes things feel special. Discover which items or sets fit best with your life.

What Is Corkcicle?

Corkcicle is a line of fine wine canteens and travel cups. Their ingenious items turn traveling with wine -- whether to a party, sporting event or just a friend's house for an afternoon -- into a fun and stylish undertaking.

  • If you love a poolside bottle, pour your wine into one of the canteens. They fit a whole bottle and are made of triple-insulated stainless steel, so you can follow all the no-glass rules.
  • Some people prefer to be discreet about their beverages around kids or other people they know.
  • These canteens and can coolers help keep contents private.
  • Insulated stemless wine glasses are a brilliant way to enjoy a glass of wine in a casual indoor or outdoor setting.

How Do Wine Canteens Even Work?

Wine canteens work much like other insulated beverage cups, but Corkcicle goes above and beyond with ergonomics and insulation strength.

  • Shatterproof stainless-steel glass keeps cups intact if knocked over or dropped at a party, camping or glamping.
  • Triple-insulated stainless steel keeps beverages cold for up to 9 hours and warm for up to 3.
  • A silicone bottom is slip-resistant but easy to pick up. Holding, grabbing or passing is easy, too, with molded, easy-grip sides.
  • Just pour a whole bottle of wine or your other favorite beverage into the canteen. Close the lid and go.
What If You Want to Share with Friends?

Part of the fun of enjoying wine is sharing with friends. Pick up sets that include your whole gang. Want to get even more unique? You can personalize the stemless wine glasses with monograms. Sounds like you should get one for everyone in your book club or maybe all the other soccer moms.

What Kinds of Other Drinks Work in It?

You can enjoy a wide variety of beverages in your canteens and cups. 

  • Wine is a great choice, since an entire bottle fits in a canteen.
  • Frozen drinks stay cold in your canteens, too. Try margaritas or daiquiris.
  • Coffee, Irish coffee, hot toddies, hot chocolate and more stay warm in the insulated cups.
  • Slip a can of soda, beer, cider or seltzer into the can cooler.

With multiple colors, monogramming, a fun range of beverages to tote and full sets, you have every reason to start using these chic travel mugs and canteens.

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