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<h3>Littledeer Kitchen Tools</h3><p>Whether you’re preparing for <u><a href="">Thanksgiving</a></u>, another big holiday or simply need to stock up your kitchen with tools, having the right ones makes your life easier and more carefree. A well-stocked kitchen and pantry is sure to make cooking much more seamless when it’s crunch time, allowing you to relax a little bit and enjoy the moment while you cook for your guests. Wooden utensils especially are excellent when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, and remain the choice of many professionals for several reasons. If you’re looking for wooden tools for your kitchen, choose from the line of Littledeer Kitchen Tools, available exclusively from Williams-Sonoma.</p><br><p>One of the reasons that wooden <u><a href="">utensils</a></u> work so well in the kitchen is because they do not conduct heat. As you are frying up incredibly hot foods in your frying pan, opt for a Littledeer pan paddle for safe and easy cooking. Know that you can use your wooden pan paddle from pan to spoon rest to pan again without ever worrying about the handle being too hot, or the surface of the paddle scorching other surfaces. Similarly, a Littledeer wok paddle performs much of the same functions, but has an ergonomic and specific design made just for <u><a href="">woks</a></u>.</p><br><p>Another great reason to use wooden cooks’ tools is because they never scratch your cookware. Generally speaking, wood is a soft material, and as you cook, turn, mix and spin, the surface of wooden tools will never scratch even the most delicate of surfaces. This allows wooden tools to be very versatile, durable and easy to use for all types of cooking. Use a Littledeer pot scoop to help release tough-to-remove foods, so that you are able to serve them much more easily. Made for much more than just pots, use a pot scoop for <u><a href="">cake pans</a></u>, casserole dishes and other type of dishes you use regularly to cook in the oven. Pot scoops work well on ceramic pots and pans as well. This ingenious creation of Tom Littledeer is precisely contoured to fit the insides of pots and for even stirring and to not miss a morsel. </p><br><p>Another terrific reason to choose wood as you cook is because of wood’s status as an inert material. In layman’s terms, that means using wood never introduces harsh chemicals into your food as you’re cooking, as Littledeer wood kitchen tools are naturally PFOA-free for healthier eating. Opt for a Littledeer omelet spatula that ensures you breathe easy every time you cook your eggs or omelets. Similarly, a turn oar is also great for working with hot foods in a pan, such as steak, fish and other meats and poultry. Likewise, Littledeer wooden tongs serve many different types of food, from buffalo wings to shish kebob.</p><br><p>Wooden tools are great for <u><a href="">serving</a></u> food at the table as well. Opt for a Littledeer serving scoop to dish out your casseroles, side dishes, salads and more. Also, a Littledeer straining spoon are just right for serving vegetables and other dishes where you don’t want the liquid to travel from serving dish to plate. You can easily purchase each item individually, so that you only stock your kitchen with what you need, or you can opt for an entire Littledeer set, a perfect addition for any kitchen. The set includes a spreader, tongs, turn paddle, a pot scoop and a serving scoop. Each piece is designed by Tom Littledeer, and meant to liken the shape of a canoe oar. Also, each piece has a solid wood construction, made only from North American maple. In addition, this set makes a perfect <u><a href="">gift</a></u> since each piece can be personally monogrammed – or have your own initials carved in a new set of Littledeer kitchen tools as a wonderful addition to your culinary repertoire.</p>