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Streamline Your Kitchen with Joseph Joseph

If you've had most of your kitchen utensils and cooks' tools for a while now, you may be delighted to see just how chic and bright the new tools of today look. That's thanks in large part to the work of Joseph Joseph, a brother-brother design team that takes kitchenwares to new heights of aesthetic grandeur and pure functionality.

What Is Joseph Joseph?

Joseph Joseph is a housewares brand created by twin brothers who started as product designers and quickly became visionaries. The duo's first masterpiece was a glass cutting board -- a simple, sterile, high-design take on a classic everyone needs.

Since then, they've taken on other facets of cooking and homekeeping. 

  • Their cooks' tools include nested utensils that save tons of space, graters, planes and presses in bold colors with ergonomic care and baking tools that adjust and combine in interesting new ways.
  • They're built with an urban sensibility, too, for those who live alone or in compact spaces.
  • Many products stack or are made for one or two, like the single-portion popcorn maker that also comes in a set of two.
  • Their homekeeping products include smartly-designed trash cans, recycling bins and food waste caddies for composting.

Choose Specialty Cooks Tools for Delicious Meals

All of the tools in the Joseph Joseph line have a common denominator -- they are truly innovative.

  • The prep tool set shows off their design savvy across four common kitchen tools.
  • A grater grates coarse or fine with the flick of a wrist.
  • A scoop gets hot food from a roasting pan or fryer easily without dripping.
  • A peeler is Y-shaped to efficiently peel potatoes, zucchini and more.
  • Tongs fold down flat -- and everything is dishwasher-safe.

Make Kitchen Cleaning A Snap

Even cleaning becomes joyful with these thoughtfully created tools. Brushes are created in different shapes and sizes to be as useful as possible.

  • Whimsy is never far from these designs. Just check out the blade cleaner that looks like a set of teeth.
  • Function is still at the heart of all of their designs. The stand-up brush stands tall in the sink to minimize space use but fits perfectly into cups -- a great tool to have after a party.

With so much creativity at this brand, it's no wonder it's become a cult favorite. Stock up new tools from this brand to watch at Williams Sonoma today.

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