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Ramekins & Mini Cocottes

With their ability to serve as prep tools, cookware and serving pieces, ramekins and mini cocottes are among the most versatile items you can introduce into your kitchen to elevate your culinary approach. Williams-Sonoma’s selection of these small, versatile dishes and pots focuses on the highest-quality options on the market, allowing you to pick and choose according to your needs. You’ll be able to buy with confidence knowing that your purchase can empower you to pursue new cooking and baking directions that you may never have considered before. These mini dishes and pots may look adorable, but they are true workhorses that can assist you in a wide variety of culinary endeavors.


Though the word “cocotte” means “casserole” in French, you don’t have to use mini cocottes or ramekins for savory dishes only. Use these single-serving pieces as bakeware that allows you to present a charmingly packaged individual portion of a dessert to dinner and party guests. From simple cobblers to decadent cakes and even classic custards, the small items in this category are perfect for making a charming impression with your dessert presentation. But mini cocottes and ramekins are certainly also useful for serving savory dishes too, from soups and stews to egg dishes or individually portioned servings of hearty baked dishes such as lasagna.


Our selection of ramekins and mini cocottes allows you to select the material that works best for your intended uses. Opt for glamorous and durable copper or sturdy, reliable cast iron. Other material options include stoneware and ceramic. For maximum versatility, invest in two or more different sets. If you love making warm, comforting dishes when temperatures start to drop, these versatile kitchen tools are perfect for you. Because most of these mini cocottes and ramekins have the ability to go from the stovetop to the oven and right to the table, you can get creative with your menu and presentation approach.


From holding ingredients for a tidy mise en place to keeping individual portions of a main course warm during a cocktail reception, ramekins and mini cocottes are excellent tools for a home chef to acquire. These are the kinds of special extra touches that make your culinary efforts come together with ease and give a professional feel to everything you do. Elevate your approach and make use of equipment that provides an unparalleled balance between charm and utility.