Bread Mixes

Bread mixes make it easy to make quick and delicious treats in your own kitchen. Our diverse range of recipes and pre-packaged mixes come in delicious gourmet flavors that let you create truly special memories and moments with your loved ones. Multilayered flavors like cinnamon and apple delight the senses, while sweet recipes with chocolate make the perfect treat after work or play. Whatever your preferred flavors, Williams-Sonoma’s bread mixes will have you excited to break out the baking pans.

Cool fall days call for playing outdoors, but when you come inside, it’s time for a hot, delicious meal served on your most beautiful plates. Finish off your meal with amazing quickbread mixes like Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk, Pumpkin Caramel, and Pecan Pumpkin. Slather generously with our Pumpkin Butter for a savory-sweet touch.

Whether for birthdays or parties, sometimes only true chocolate will do. Lay your buffet table out with a selection of our chocolate quickbreads. Flavors like Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Hazelnut make quiet moments with a snack more than just a break; they’re a mini vacation, too. Bake them in a shaped, molded cake pan to create an instant centerpiece that’s fit to grace the center of any table.

Prefer to eat a gluten-free diet? We want to support you in your approach to healthier eating. Many of our most popular recipes are gluten-free to begin with, or come in a gluten-free alternative that's every bit as soft, delicious and delightful. No need for special ingredients or baking equipment, just choose your favorite recipe and use the easy-to-follow instructions on the back as your guide. Most recipes require just water, butter and eggs, and can be made in your favorite muffin or bread loaf pan.

Our sweet mixes make an excellent gift for family and friends, too. Create a basket full of your favorite mixes like blueberry or chocolate chip, include a bread loaf pan, and wrap in cellophane for the perfect homemade gift basket. This gift keeps on giving every time they make a new batch of delectable goodies.

Caring for your family always starts with the little things. Make quality time with loved ones sweeter with our pre-mixed bread and loaf recipes. Whether your family loves chocolate or key lime or prefers Spanish olive or lemon, these tasty and quick mixes will make it easy to bake up a delicious treat whenever the mood strikes.

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