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Shop Copper Bakeware for Your Kitchen

Bake your heart out with stylish, effective copper bakeware designed for home cooks and professionals. With copper, you'll get high-quality bakeware every time, and when it's time to cook, your tools will never be the weak link in the chain.

Use this quick primer to learn more about bringing copper bakeware into your home and why it's a smart choice no matter what your favorite recipes are.

What is Copper Bakeware?

Designed to give you excellent performance no matter what you're baking, copper is a go-to material for every chef. Here are a few of the reasons you should look to add copper to your existing cookware:

  • Copper is incredibly durable. While it's not quite as hardy as very heavy cast iron, it will give any other material a serious run for its money in the longevity department.
  • Copper makes a bold statement in your kitchen. Undeniably beautiful, copper cookware and bakeware stands out in any kitchen. It also perfectly complements your high-quality copper pots, pans and tea kettles.
  • It heats evenly and maintains heat very well. High-quality copper cookware and bakeware won't have you playing guessing games with your tarts, cookies or cakes.
  • It can be retinned. Once they've given you a few years of service, most types of cookware and bakeware are ready for the trash. Copper can be retinned by an expert, bringing your favorite items back to live. Think of copper as an investment in delicious baked goods for years to come.

What Pieces Can I Buy?

Copper is a stylish, durable material for baking and cooking. Here are a few of the copper pieces you can buy to add to your bakeware collection:

  • Cookie cutters and molds. Make seasonal treats or find fun, whimsical shapes so you can turn out tasty cookies all year.
  • Cake molds. Traditional and modern styles are available so you can make any cake in any shape.
  • Mini-molds. Mini-molds are ideal for treats like single-serving cakes and specialty confections.
  • Cooling racks. Look for rectangular and circular cooling racks, so your baked goods have proper air circulation once they come out of the oven.

Copper bakeware is a great addition to any chef's toolbox since it's durable and made to last. Ready to make a sweet treat to share with your friends or family? Don't forget to add essential tools for decorating cakes, cookies and pastries to spruce up your favorite recipes.

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