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  1. At Williams Sonoma, we're listening — and so are your fellow customers. Please take the opportunity to share your thoughts on our products and or recipes and read the reviews submitted by other customers.

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When writing a review, please keep it focused on the product or the recipe and include specific details about what you liked or disliked. Avoid mentioning shipping or customer service issues. (Please Contact Us directly about shipping or customer service concerns.) Reviews containing obscenities, discriminatory language, spam content or critical comments about other reviews or reviewers will not be posted. Please do not include personal contact information or non-williams-sonoma.com URLs. For more information, read our full Submission Guidelines.
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Pictures of a product in use or the finished result of a recipe are extremely helpful to our customers. A video is also a great way to share your product or recipe experience with us and with other customers. Any pictures or videos you submit with your review should be your property and should be product- or recipe-focused. You can also add a caption to your video.
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You can select up to three products or recipes that you would like to recommend to people who read your review. This is a great way to share your favorites and to give other customers a quick link to any Williams Sonoma product or recipe that you mentioned in your review.
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