Kenwood Mixers & Small Kitchen Appliances


Baking, pasta making and ingredient preparation are labor-intensive exercises, which is why Williams-Sonoma carries the Kenwood brand of quality, reliable appliances and accessories perfect for offloading effort and facilitating a faster and easier cooking experience. The Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine is a one-stop shop for food preparation. The four-in-one design incorporates a mixer, food processor and blender with an integrated induction cooking plate. This enables meals to be prepared and cooked in one go, which is perfect for sauces, soups and steamed vegetables. The unit features variable speed control, fold settings and a safety lock that securely retains the bowl on the induction element.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef Multi Food Grinder attachment is an accessory to the kitchen machine. It enables a wide variety of ingredients to be ground directly into the bowl such as mince meats, vegetables and fruits. The attachment doubles as a storage unit for the sausage-making and grinder-blade accessories. It is a fantastic addition for making homemade burgers, sausages, meatballs or lasagna. Three metal screen options enable precise texture control. The Cooking Chef Spaghetti and Tagliolini Pasta Cutter attachment is designed to use in conjunction with the roller attachment to make great pasta. The roller presses dough into sheets that you can feed into the cutter to obtain fresh spaghetti or tagliolini. They are both easy to clean for convenience.