Vitamix Electrics


Vitamix blenders are hand built in America, have rugged construction and are rigorously tested to the highest quality standards. They are made using BPA-free materials, are suitable for making large batches and can process whole fruits and vegetables. Williams-Sonoma offers a range of attractive personal and professional Vitamix blenders that are simple yet versatile food processing solutions for your nutrition needs. Each unit features a high-powered motor and laser-cut blades with a wide radius to enable smooth, high-consistency blending and pureeing of food. They are easy to wipe down and clean, with touch panel controls that work even when your hands are wet.
The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Heritage Blender can friction-cook hot soups and sauces from cold ingredients and rapidly whip up ice cream and frozen drinks. Multiple speed control enables a wide variety of ingredients to process at the flip of a switch, whether you need to macerate leafy greens, soft fruit or hard, dense vegetables. The Vitamix 780 Blender can grind grains into flour and emulsify dressings and is perfect for making salsas or dips. Storage is made easy with several detachable container options that have airtight, secure lids. Extra containers are available as accessories to facilitate fresh storage and are perfect for portable smoothies, fitting into most car cup holders. Bladeless and wet or dry blade-integrated container options are available to preserve your healthiest culinary creations in a flash.