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Electric appliances are essential elements of any kitchen. We offer a range of elegant and innovative powered tools of all sizes and functions, including small appliances, coffee and tea makers, specialty appliances and large appliances, to make your preparations a breeze. Small kitchen appliances such as blenders, juicers, food processors, mixers and toasters simplify cooking and cleanup. Coffee and tea makers enable consistent, perfect brews for the home and office. Specialty appliances take cooking and convenience to the next level, providing automation when you desire more time to savor life.

Blenders and juicers, such as the Hurom HG Elite Slow Juicer, efficiently process ingredients and recipes to get the best out of vegetables, fruit, grains and other nutrients; this model works with foods both delicate and tough, masticating them with its double-winged auger to extract maximum juice yields. Williams-Sonoma food processors enable higher levels of production, with multi-cookers largely automating the cooking process. Mixers and useful attachments for making dishes like your favorite homemade spaghetti are great additions to a kitchen counter, and advanced toasters, such as the Breville Smart Convection Oven, extend their capabilities to match those of a mini oven while resting stylishly on your countertop. Bring a little more electrical power into your kitchen and see just how well you can elevate classic dishes and simplify your routine.