Nonstick Grill Pans & Griddles

When the summer season ends and the weather starts to get cooler, most folks clean their outdoor grill for the last time before the spring, and for many, this is the end of their grilling season. However, it’s easy to grill food no matter what the conditions are outside when you have a nonstick grill pan. Easy to use and simple to clean, these pans allow you to grill delicious meats, simmering seafood and seared vegetables, even in the middle of a snowy winter.

Williams-Sonoma offers several types of nonstick grill pans and griddles, so it’s easy to find one that is best for you. A simple, square nonstick pan with aluminum construction is a versatile and reliable choice for indoor grilling connoisseurs. This type of durable pan has three layers of PFOA-free nonstick surface, ensuring toxins will never make their way into your food. The three-layer coating also renders this high-grade anodized aluminum pan extremely durable, great for years of use and indoor grilling. Enjoy the stainless-steel handles that allow for an easy grip as well as a cooler touch when the grill pan is in use.

Similarly, enjoy the use of a square, nonstick griddle pan that allows you to cook even more types of foods. Great for meals of all sorts, use a nonstick griddle to whip up sunny-side eggs and bacon for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and cheesy quesadillas for dinner. Like its nonstick grill pan cousin, this griddle also employs three layers of PFOA-free nonstick coating to ensure its longevity for years of comfortable cooking. A round, nonstick grill pan is also available, which can double as a skillet or saute pan, allowing you to not only grill steaks, chops and other foods, but to also use the pan for sauces, vegetables and general stovetop cooking. This pan also features a strong, PFOA-free nonstick finish.

We offer different styles and sizes of nonstick grill pans and griddles to suit those who may be cooking larger meals and want a more generous area in which to cook the food. Choose from rectangular-shaped grill pans, with tons of room for steaks, chicken and chops, or opt for a panini pan with an included press. Not just for panini, you can easily use this pan for grilling meats, seafood and vegetables. Those who need a lot of space to grill may appreciate a double-burner griddle or grill pan, allowing you ample room to cook several types of meats as well as other foods, such as vegetables, or offering you enough space to cook an entire breakfast in one pan, with room for bacon, pancakes and eggs. The cooking possibilities are truly endless with your choice of nonstick grill pans and griddle.