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Look no further than Williams-Sonoma for your quality cookware and pots and pans. With your health and cooking enjoyment in mind, we offer a wide array of chemical-free and easy-to-clean cookware surfaces from sauce and saute pans, double boilers and roasters, to ovenware and outdoor cookware. To display your new set of pots and pans, choose a free standing pot rack or one for mounting on the ceiling or wall.

Copper Cookware

Copper is not only an attractive metal, but also an excellent heat conductor for stove-top cooking. For this reason, your sauces and foods that need to be cooked at strictly controlled temperatures do best in copper. Our copper pots and pans are either lined with stainless-steel or comprised of stainless-steel with a copper core, both of which completely inhibit copper from entering your foods. Choose from our five- to 12-piece sets, or select a few items to complete your current kitchen ensemble.

Junior Chef

For your budding chef, we offer three- to six-piece cooking sets made in just the right size for junior chefs ages eight and up. Select nonstick fry pans, griddles and bakeware as well. A young cook’s collection is complete with kitchen gadgets and tools for smaller hands and a chef hat and jacket to look the part.

Fry Pans & Skillets

Enjoy the convenience of PFOA-free nonstick coating on your fry pans and skillets coupled with heavy-duty stainless-steel, ceramic or cast iron. Look for our fry pans and skillets made especially for induction cook surfaces too. Along with traditional fry pans, enjoy our selection of deep skillets, fajita sets, deep fryers, French skillets, and fish, sauté and frittata pans for creative cooking.

International Cookware

Look forward to healthy stir fry cooked up in a wok, Spanish rice in your cazuela and pâté baked in a terrine. Whatever your tastes from around the world, we have specialty pans for tagine, escargot, pommes anna, paella and crepes as well as bamboo steamer baskets and turbotieres.

Specialty Cookware

Complement your cookware essentials with a few specialty items for making your favorite dishes. Our fondue pots come complete with bases, burners and forks. For quicker cooking convenience, choose from our selection of pressure cookers. For breakfast, enjoy an egg poacher or pans made for delicious omelets, waffle sticks or blini.

Stock & Multipots

Pasta preparation is a snap in a large multipot with its own pasta insert for easy straining. Our stainless-steel or nonstick surface steamers have multiple uses from vegetable steamers to shellfish cookers and stew makers. Create comforting soups in any one of our steel, ceramic or copper soup or stewpots. And enjoy dishes of all sorts in a stock pot made with high-performance Thermo-Clad technology.

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