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Ruffoni Omegna Hammered Stainless-Steel

Ruffoni Historia Copper

Ruffoni Opus Prima Hammered Stainless-Steel

Ruffoni Symphonia Cookware


Reliable, high-quality cookware is a thing of beauty and, for the Italian cookware manufacturer Ruffoni, that beauty is both literal and figurative. Constructed according to time-honored design traditions, Ruffoni cookware blends old-world style with modern manufacturing techniques to create beautifully sleek, charmingly detailed cookware that creates the ideal foundation for decades of culinary magic in your home kitchen. In addition to providing sturdy, trustworthy cookware for you to use in crafting whatever dishes your heart desires, Ruffoni cookware provides decorative value thanks to its gleaming metallic construction in materials, such as copper and stainless-steel. However, the biggest visual impact comes from Ruffoniʼs signature botanical detailing like vegetable-shaped knobs on lids and leafy detailing where handles meet the sides of pots and pans.

Our collection of Ruffoni cookware includes their iconic hand-hammered copper cookware line. In this collection, gleaming hammered copper forms the exterior of pots and pans that are lined with tin for the best combination of excellent heat condition from the copper and nonreactive metal from the tin. From standard stockpots and fry pans to specialty cookware pieces for traditional Italian dishes, such as polenta and risotto, Ruffoniʼs hand-hammered copper cookware is beautiful in both form and function. You can experience the pleasure of using expertly crafted copper cookware to create delicious dishes while also appreciating this cookware brandʼs attention to detail and dedication to functional opulence.

Williams-Sonoma also offer a generous selection of pieces from the Ruffoni Opus Prima collection, a hand-hammered stainless-steel cookware line that has similar style to the brandʼs copper cookware, but in a gorgeous, silvery stainless-steel. If you arenʼt experienced with the use of copper cookware or simply prefer to use stainless-steel as your cookware material of choice, this line is an excellent way to bring Ruffoniʼs gorgeous detailing into your kitchen without sacrificing your preference for a specific material. Suitable for us on gas, electric, ceramic and induction cooktops, the Opus Prima cookware line is also oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.

Ruffoni makes another collection of stainless-steel cookware: Symphonia Prima. With sleek, modern design, this cookware collection opts for minimal embellishment, but retains the brandʼs hand-hammered exterior finish. Symphonia Prima is a modern design update on the brandʼs classic approach to cookware manufacture, doing away with the sculptural botanical detailing present in the other Ruffoni cookware collections. Although they lack the vegetal and leafy detailing of other pieces made by Ruffoni, the brandʼs Symphonia Prima pots have handles that still offer standout beauty thanks to careful sculpted ridging and a copper stamp of the brandʼs insignia.

As an Italian cookware brand thatʼs been overseen by the same family since its inception in the mid-20th century, Ruffoni takes pride in its combined respect for tradition and embrace of innovation. Ruffoni craftsmen and artisans still work by hand to create superior cookware crafted with a great reverence for artistry. While functionality is of primary importance of the company, they do not shy away from a passion for beauty, giving you the ability to gain visual enjoyment from every step in the cooking process – even cleaning your cookware and putting it away.

Whether you choose copper or stainless-steel Ruffoni cookware, you can take pride in your purchase. No matter which Ruffoni item you select, youʼll be getting one of the most lovingly crafted pieces of functional art available for use in a home kitchen. Ruffoni cookware is available as complete cookware sets and individual pieces, allowing you to assemble just the right collection of tools to make the cuisine of your dreams. Some of Ruffoniʼs pots and pans even come with special handcrafted wooden utensils to allow you to craft traditional Italian dishes the right way.

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