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When thinking of the pristine kitchen of an elegant five-star restaurant in Paris, most people imagine rows of brilliant orange-colored copper, adorning every workstation and stovetop with its luminous patina. And for good reason; the finest chefs in France prize copper cookware for its rapid heating and cooling properties, as well as its ability to conduct heat precisely and evenly. This means that for making everything from fantastic reductions to delicate sauces, from wine-braised meats to caramel and pralines, copper pieces are the ideal choice. Williams-Sonoma is proud to present the exclusive Mauviel 1830 copper cookware, bringing both ease and precision to your home kitchen or professional workstation. The Mauviel Copper Saucepan is extremely popular with culinary enthusiasts and chefs alike, enabling you to create the greatest confections or refined and flavorful sauces that will impress family, friends, and visitors alike. This pan features a 1.5mm copper construction with a stainless-steel non-reactive interior to ensure clean flavors, rapid heating and matchless temperature control.

For the ultimate recipients for braising roasts, creating mouthwatering stews or creating innovative recipes, equip your kitchen with the Mauviel 12-Piece Cookware Set. This essential collection includes fry pans, saucepans, a stewpan, an oval cocotte and more to ensure unrivaled and consistent professional results. And for a meal that will truly impress guests, use elegant wine glasses for a sophisticated ambience and include a trendy decanter, providing superior aroma and taste as well as appearance. For appetizers, start off the evening with some delicious cheeses?