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If you are in need of cutting down your cooking time, look no further than Fagor hardware. Inspired by the speed and efficiency of Fagor, Chuck Williams opened his store that showcases different types of cookware, bakeware and cutlery kitchen tools. Upon its 1946 debut, Fagor began making expertly crafted pressure cookers that are not only durable but easy to use in schools, bakeries and at home. We offer two types of Fagor pressure cookers that have different designs yet are energy-efficient. For clients in search of various types of cookware items that blend well with Fagor cookware, our new cookware arrivals are set to meet their needs.

Our Fagor brand collection has a low, wide-based pressure cooker that offers a large surface area. Crafted by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance cookware and appliances, this pressure cooker reduces the cook time by nearly 70 percent, unlike other cooking methods. For delicate foods such as fish and vegetables, low pressure is used, whereas hearty dishes such as stew and roasts require high pressure. You can rely on our Paella shop to provide you with different types of cookware items that coordinate well with Fagor cookware.

Discover the remarkable high-performance of Fagor’s easy-to-use Arin pressure cooker. The polished stainless-steel exterior has a high-conductive aluminum insert that provides quick, even heating. The self-locking handle is able to seal the lid on the onset of pressure within the cooker. Moreover, the auto-pressure release valve ensures a high level of safety and ease of use. The entry-level multitasker is designed such that the flavor, moisture and nutrients are retained while reducing the cooking time. Our stove-top pressure cooker is ideal cookware for preparing risotto, steaming veggies and seafood as well as making fruit preserves. Find the right tool set that pairs well with our Fagor cookware for scraping, scooping, serving or stirring food.

Instead of boiling a small quantity of water with our Fagor pressure cooker, deviate from the norm and choose one of our tea kettles to boil your water to your standards. We offer an assortment of stove-top kettles designed from different materials. The wire loop handle on specific tea kettles ensures a good grip when pouring hot liquids. The tea kettles also feature a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill. The copper disc at the bottom of the smooth flat base ensures water is heated quickly, and the hinged whistle flips up to allow easy pouring. For customers who prefer using electricity, we offer electric tea kettles in stock choices. Generously sized, our electric kettles have a durable stainless-steel body. The 1500 watts offer quick heat-up time and can easily boil 1.7L in minutes. The kettles also have a BPA-free plastic indicator of the level of water, which is easy to view when pouring water.

Williams-Sonoma has a fine variety of top-rated cookware that could be used together with Fagor cookware to deliver a delicious meal for family and friends. From a range of stainless-steel pans and soup pots to baking dishes and roasters, our high-quality cookware won’t disappoint. Together with our Fagor pressure cookers, different types of outdoor cookware are perfect for camping trips. Our Convertible Chicken Roaster is ideal for roasting an entire chicken while supporting it vertically to allow fat to drip away. Apart from using Fagor cookware to boil vegetables and shrimp, our Nonstick Grill Fry pan can also be used to prepare food and vegetables. The perforated design allows food to contact the flame and get that grilled flavor. We offer different types of pot rack designs to hang or place your Fagor cookware within easy reach.

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