Recipes Main Courses Seafood Grilled Salmon with Lemons

Grilled Salmon with Lemons

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4

This grilled salmon is easy enough to prepare for a weeknight dinner. If you’re lucky enough to have your own lemon tree, toss a few sprigs of leaves in the griddle pan along with the lemon halves—the leaves will infuse the fish with even more lemony aroma and flavor.


  • 4 skin-on salmon fillets, each about 8 oz. and 1 inch thick, pin
      bones removed 
  • Olive oil for brushing 
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste 
  • 4 lemons, cut in half 
  • 3 or 4 sprigs of fresh lemon leaves (optional)


Prepare a medium-hot fire in a grill. Place a steel grill griddle on the grill, cover the grill and preheat.

Brush the salmon on both sides with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place the salmon, skin side down, on the preheated griddle. Scatter the lemon halves and lemon leaves around the salmon. Cover the grill and cook until the salmon just begins to flake easily and is almost completely opaque throughout, 7 to 8 minutes, or until done to your liking.

Transfer the salmon to individual plates and serve immediately with the grilled lemon halves. Serves 4.

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